Bodmer Papyri, Scribal Culture, and Textual Transmission

Collected Works on New Testament Textual Criticism


Author: Gordon Fee
Editor: Eldon Jay Epp
Bodmer Papyri, Scribal Culture, and Textual Transmission presents a collection of Gordon Fee’s seminal works on New Testament textual criticism. His meticulous and thorough examination of New Testament papyrus Bodmer P66 (1968) insightfully describes its textual character and significant relationship to P75 and other early manuscripts. P66 and P75, among our most important and earliest papyri, were published only a half-dozen years before Fee’s volume, which has been heavily used and influential ever since. Prominent is his discovery of scribal activity in P66 that tended to correct its text toward the Byzantine. Fee’s ten successive, often quoted articles contribute substantially to our understanding of textual transmission and text-critical methodology, with an emphasis also on patristic citations. Completed with ample bibliographical resources, this volume is an indispensable resource for future research.

Distinguished book reviewers wrote about Fee (1968): “full scale study” (Kilpatrick); “definitive analysis” (Metzger); “a most valuable work, ... which greatly advances the discipline of textual criticism in knowledge and method” (Birdsall).

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Gordon D. Fee, Ph.D. (University of Southern California), Professor emeritus of Regent College, Vancouver, is a distinguished New Testament scholar, specializing in textual criticism. He published major commentaries on 1 Corinthians and Philippians, and has been a noted conference speaker.

Eldon Jay Epp, Ph.D. Harvard University, Harkness Professor of Biblical Literature, emeritus; Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, emeritus, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio (1968-1998); he is a specialist in New Testament textual criticism and manuscript studies, and a frequent Lecturer/Visiting Professor at Harvard Divinity School (2001-2018).
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