"Genizat Germania" - Hebrew and Aramaic Binding Fragments from Germany in Context


“Genizat Germania” is a project at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz focused on the search for and analysis of Hebrew and Aramaic binding fragments found in the books and files of archives and libraries. In recent years this systematic search has revealed several hundred new fragments, including some rare Talmudic, Midrashic and liturgical fragments. The new discoveries both in Germany and elsewhere in Europe have broadened the knowledge of Jewish literature in the Middle Ages and Early Modern periods. This volume collects the papers of international scholars which cover recent discoveries in Germany, the “European Genizah” or fragments found in Italy, Poland, Great Britain and Austria, the approaches of similar projects in Austria and the Czech Republic, as well as an extensive bibliography.
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Biographical Note

Andreas Lehnardt, Ph.D. (1999), Free University of Berlin, is professor of Jewish Studies in Mainz (Germany). He has published on Rabbinic Literature, Jewish Prayer, Hebrew Manuscripts, Jewish libraries and Haskalah. His titles include: Bibliograhie zu den Jüdischen Schriften aus hellenistisch-römischer Zeit (1999), Qaddish (2002), Pesahim-Pesachopfer (2004), Die Kasseler Talmud-Fragmente (2007), Taaniyot-Fasten (2008), Die Jüdische Bibliothek an der Johannes Gutenberg University (2009).


All those interested in Jewish Studies, Hebrew Manuscripts, Book history, Book Binding, Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History.


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