An Intercultural Theology of Migration

Pilgrims in the Wilderness


Migration has long been associated with the social sciences. However, as a phenomenon that provides windows into possibly new forms of oppression and, at the same time, paths toward human liberation a systematic theological look at contemporary migration is long overdue. Building on the emerging interest on migration in theology this book presents an intercultural theology of migration drawn from the experience of Filipino women domestic workers in Hong Kong in dialogue with theological ethics and liberationist theologies. The result is a new look at the phenomenon of contemporary migration.

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Biographical Note
Gemma Tulud Cruz, Ph.D (2006) in Theology, Radboud University Nijmegen, is Visiting Assistant Professor in Catholic Studies and an affiliate of the Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology at DePaul University in Chicago. She has published about thirty book and journal articles and has been invited to speak on migration and other topics in various conferences in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.
Review Quotes
The wealth of insights and themes evoked by this book could spark a very rich theological debate. [...] A welcome and much needed contribution to a Catholic theology that should move Christian believers to become more and more aware of being "pilgrims in the wilderness".
Gioacchino Campese, CS, in Bibliographia Missionaria
Table of contents

Abbreviations ... xi

Introduction ... 1


1. Geographies of Domestication: Mapping the Oppression of the Filipina, Domestic Workers in Hong Kong ... 13

2. Frontiers of Struggle: Negotiating Filipina Hong Kong DHs’ Ways of Dealing with Domestication ... 65


3. Expanding the Boundaries: Theological Challenges and Perspectives Arising from the Struggle of the Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong ... 119

4. Exploring Theological Markers: Delores Williams’ Theology of Survival Quality of Life and Jung Young Lee’s Theology of Marginality ... 173


5. A Different Cartography: Mapping the God-Talk of a Feminist Theology of Struggle of Filipino Women Domestic Workers in the Context of Migration ... 231

6. Expanding the View: The Challenges of a Feminist Theology of Struggle of Filipina Domestic Workers in the Context of Migration to the Theology of Struggle in the Philippines ... 289

Conclusion ... 325

Bibliography ... 331

Index ... 355
All those interested in migration studies, Asian Studies (Philippine Studies and East Asian/Chinese Studies), Women and Gender Studies, theologians in general and, in particular, those interested in feminist as well as intercultural theology.
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