Sites and Politics of Religious Diversity in Southern Europe

The Best of All Gods


Editors: Ruy Blanes and José Mapril
In recent years, the Southern borders of Europe have become landmarks for the mediatic and academic verve regarding the migration and diasporas towards and beyond ‘Schengen Europe’. In these debates, religion is acknowledged as playing a central role in the recognition of major societal changes in the continent, being object of political concern and attention: from the recognition of plural forms of Christianity to the debates on a ‘European Islam’. Yet, in this respect, what goes on around the borders of Portugal, Spain, Italy or Greece is still largely uncharted and un-debated. With the contribution of renowned anthropologists, sociologists and religious studies scholars, this book critically presents and discusses case studies on the sites and politics of religious diversity in Southern Europe, including the impact of migrant religiosity in national and EU politics.

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Ruy Blanes, Ph.D. (2007) is postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bergen and associated researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences, Lisbon. He has conducted research on the anthropology of Christianity in Portugal, Spain and Angola. He is the author of A Prophetic Trajectory (Berghahn, 2013).

José Mapril, Ph.D. (2009) is an invited lecturer, department of Anthropology, New University of Lisbon and an associate researcher at CRIA-UNL. He is specialized in migration studies and Islam, with research in Bangladesh and in Lisbon. He is the author of Islão e Transnacionalismo (2012, Imprensa de Ciencias Sociais).

Contributors include: Anna Fedele, Barbara Bertolani, Clara Saraiva, Cristina Sanchez-Carretero, Ester Gallo, Eugenia Roussou, Fabio Peroco, Inam Leghari, José Mapril, Katerine Seraidari, Maria Del Mar Griera, Manuela Canton Delgado, Nora Repo, Ramon Sarró, Ruy Blanes, Sandra Santos, Silvia Sai, Trine-Staunig Willert, Virtudes Tellez Delgado.
"This book is based on a very good seminal idea and covers a research space very little traveled. The ethnographic approach proposed is solid and full of examples enhancing reflexivity."
Francisco Diez de Velasco, University of La Laguna, Spain, Religion 46:1

"Edited by Blanes (U. of Bergen, Norway) and Mapril (anthropology, New U. of Lisbon, Portugal), this collection is presented as an effort to ethnographically sample experiences of religious pluralism and diversity in different “sites” of southern Europe, including spatial settings such as mosques and churches, spaces and itineraries of religious mobilities, and political arenas of religious contention."
Reference and Research Book News 28:6
All interested in contemporary religious landscapes and debates, post-secular citizenships, counterpublics, and the politics of the religious in Southern European countries.