Theophrastus On First Principles (known as his Metaphysics)

Greek Text and Medieval Arabic Translation, edited and translated with introduction, commentaries and glossaries, as well as the medieval Latin translation, and with an Excursus on Graeco-Arabic Editorial Technique


The short aporetic essay On First Principles by Theophrastus, thought to have been transmitted as his Metaphysics, is critically edited for the first time on the basis of all the available evidence—the Greek manuscripts and the medieval Arabic and Latin translations—together with an introduction, English translation, extensive commentary, and a diplomatic edition of the medieval Latin translation. This book equally contributes to Graeco-Arabic studies as ancilla of classical studies, and includes the first critical edition of the Arabic translation with an English translation and commentary, a detailed excursus on the editorial technique for Greek texts which medieval Arabic translations are extant as well as for the Arabic translations themselves, and a complete Greek and Arabic glossary as a blueprint for future lexica.

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Biographical Note
Dimitri Gutas, PhD (1975) in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Yale University, is Professor of Arabic at Yale. He has published on the medieval Graeco-Arabic translation movement and its lexicography, the transmission of Greek philosophical texts into Arabic, and Arabic philosophy.
Review Quotes
“Gutas has brought his thorough knowledge of this period and movement to bear on one short philosophical text that has already attracted the scrutiny of Greek and Arabic scholars alike, although hardly in the comparative detail and practical usefulness evident in this present work.” By Adam McCollum, in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2011.11.31

"La richesse de l'édition en fait un ouvrage susceptible de s'adresser à un public plus large qu'il n'y paraît, par delà les seuls spécialistes d'Aristote et de Théophraste. Le glossaire grec-arabe, par exemple, se révélera utitle tant aux traducteurs des textes grecs qu'aux spécialistes de philosophie arabe médiévale. L'étudiant anglophone y lira une traduction accessible. Tout ceux enfin qu'intéresse la métaphisique en général retrouveront un de ses hauts lieux d'élaboration." Gweltaz Guyomarc'h, in Revue philosophique de Louvain 1/2012
All interested in Theophrastus and Aristotelianism, ancient and medieval philosophy in Greek, Arabic, and Latin, classical and Arabic philology and editorial technique, Graeco-Arabic lexicography, and the transmission of Greek and Arabic texts.
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