Western Europe, Eastern Europe and World Development 13th-18th Centuries

Collection of Essays of Marian Małowist


Volume Editors: Jean Batou and Henryk Szlajfer
"This collection of essays is most welcome. The main articles of Marian Małowist are collected together (and in many cases translated into English) for the first time. Małowist, who is one of the major economic historians of the twentieth century, is also a much neglected one. Of the eighteen articles here, only five were published in English-language journals that are widely read by historians and social scientists, and even these journals are primarily read by economic historians. So most scholars have been missing out on one of the most fertile and cultivated minds who have written on the central issue of our times - the wide and widening gulf between the core and the periphery, the North and the South, western and eastern Europe" (Immanuel Wallerstein).

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Jean Batou, Ph.D. (1989) in Economic and social sciences, University of Geneva, is professor of modern international history at the University of Lausanne. He has published extensively on globalization, uneven development and social movements in a historical perspective including, One Hundred Years of Resistance to Underdevelopment (Droz, 1990), Uneven Development in Europe, 1918-1939 (Droz, 1998), Tant pis si la lutte est cruelle! Volontaires internationaux contre Franco(Syllepse, 2008).

Henryk Szlajfer, PhD. (1977) in Sociology, Warsaw University and Habilitation (2006) in Political Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, is Professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University. Has published on Latin American history, economic nationalism and European international affairs including, Economic Nationalism in Latin America and East-Central Europe under the Fisrt Globalization (ISP PAN, 2005), Poles and Jews. The Clash of Stereotypes (Scholar, 2003).
Former Poland's Ambassador to International Organizations in Vienna (2000–2004).
Preface: “Marian Małowist: An Appreciation”, Immanuel Wallerstein
Introduction: “I chased aft er Polish grain all over the world”, Jean Batou and Henryk Szlajfer


1. Commercial Capitalism and Agriculture
2. Merchant Credit and the Putting-Out System: Rural Production during the Middle Ages
3. Some Remarks on the Role of Merchant Capital in Eastern Europe in the Late Middle Ages
4. Kaffa. The Genoese Colony in the Crimea and the Eastern Question (1453–1475)
5. Levantine Trade with Eastern Europe in the 16th Century. Some Problems
6. Poland, Russia and Western Trade in the 15th and 16th Centuries
7. The Problem of the Inequality of Economic Development in Europe in the Later Middle Ages
8. Problems of the Growth of the National Economy of Central-Eastern Europe in the Late
Middle Ages
9. East and West Europe in the 13th–16th Centuries. Confrontation of Social and
Economic Structures
10. Economic and Political Divisions in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
11. Eastern Europe and the Countries of the Iberian Peninsula. Parallels and Contrasts
12. The Social and Economic Stability of the Western Sudan in the Middle Ages
13. The Western Sudan in the Middle Ages. Underdevelopment in the Empires of the Western Sudan
Hopkins-Małowist Debate
14. Social and Economic Life in Timur’s Empire
15. New Saray, Capital of the Golden Horde
16. The Foundations of European Expansion in Africa in the 16th Century. Europe, Maghreb and Western Sudan
17. Portuguese Expansion in Africa and European Economy at the Turn of the 15th Century
18. Gulf of Guinea Countries in the 15th and Early 16th Century

Selected bibliography
Index of names
All those interested in early modern history of Europe, Africa and Asia, on world history, on the historical origins of development and underdevelopment, and on world system perspective.