'Anonymus Aurelianensis III' in Aristotelis Analytica priora

Critical edition, Introduction, Notes, and Indexes


This is the first critical edition of the earliest known Latin commentary on Aristotle’s Prior Analytics, the Anonymus Aurelianensis III. In addition to the critical text, Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist’s edition contains a comparative analysis of the anonymous commentary and the extant Greek commentaries as well as a full comparison between Boethius’ translation and the translation used by the commentator. The edition provides a solid foundation for further study on the earliest medieval exegesis on the Prior Analytics and is an essential resource for any scholar who wants to learn more about the development of logic in general and the medieval reception of Aristotelian syllogistic in particular.

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Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist Ph.D. (2001), University of Gothenburg, is an Associate Professor of Latin at the University of Gothenburg. Her previous publications on the Latin reception of Aristotle’s syllogistic include critical editions of Boethius’ De syllogismo categorico and Introductio ad syllogismos categoricos (2008).

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Introduction …1
The ‘Anonymus Aurelianensis iii’… 1
The Commentator’s Text of the Analytica priora …5
The ‘Anonymus Aurelianensis iii’ and the Ancient Tradition… 9
The Edition and Notes …11
Conspectus Siglorum … 13

Anonymus Aurelianensis iii in Aristotelis Analytica priora …15

Bibliography …209
Index verborum
Index locorum
Index nominum


Anyone interested of the reception of Aristotle’s philosophy in the Latin West and anyone interested in the development of logic.

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