The Genizah Psalms

A Study of MS 798 of the Antonin Collection. Cambridge Genizah Studies Series Volume 5


The Genizah Psalms (MS 798 of the Antonin Collection) is a Hebrew document of messianic character, apparently presenting itself as the work of David. It is taken by some to date to the time of the second temple, and to be approximately contemporary with some of the literature of Qumran, while others regard it as a medieval composition. From the point of view of a classical hebraist, David M. Stec explores how this text relates to classical Hebrew literature as a whole and considers how viable it is to regard it as a genuine constituent of that body of literature. He presents an edition of the Hebrew text and English translation, together with an introduction, commentary and analysis of language.

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David M. Stec, Ph.D. (1989), University of Manchester, is Research Associate for The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew in Sheffield. He is author of The Text of the Targum of Job (Brill, 1994) and The Targum of Psalms (Liturgical Press, 2004).
"This volume deserves to be on the bookshelf of all who are interested in Psalms (especially their reception), Jewish literature of the Second Temple period, and Classical Hebrew. One can only hope that this superb treatment will serve the author to achieve his stated goal of ‘making the Genizah Psalms more widely known and more accessible to scholarly scrutiny." -G.A. RENDSBURG, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 39.5 (2015).
Abbreviations and Sigla
List of Sources
Hebrew Text and Translation
Analysis of Language
1. Morphology
2. Features of Verbal Usage
3. Vocabulary
4. Post-Biblical Phraseology
5. Conclusions
List of Words
Index of Authors
Index of References
Those interested in the Hebrew language, early Jewish poetry and the development of messianism.