Theophrastus of Eresus. Sources for His Life, Writings, Thought and Influence (2 vols)


These two volumes represent the first fruits of an international project to produce a new collection - text, translation and commentary - of the fragments and testimonia relating to Theophrastus (c. 370-288/5 B.C.), Aristotle's pupil and successor as head of the Lyceum. The need for a new collection was apparent: the standard collection, by Wimmer, is already 120 years old, whereas we now have far better texts of many of the ancient authors in which fragments and testimonia of Theophrastus occur. Whilst classicists have devoted the past hundred years to bringing into the light the work of the major post-Aristotelian schools, the contribution of Theophrastus has remained obscure. The second printing contains corrections to the first.
This first stage of the project presents the texts, critical apparatus and English translation of the fragments and testimonia. It contains a long methodological introduction, an index of Theophrastean texts and concordances with other collections (Scheider, Wimmer and the several recent partial editions).
The second stage of the project, which Brill will also publish will consist of 9 commentary volumes, planned at present as follows:
1. Life, Writings, various reports (M. Sollenberger, Mt. St. Mary's College)
2. Logic (P.M. Huby, Liverpool University)
3. Physics (R.W. Sharples, University College London)
4. Metaphysics, Theology, Mathematics, Psychology (P.M. Huby, Liverpool University)
5. Human Physiology, Living Creatures, Botany (R.W. Sharples, University of London)
6. Ethics, Religion (W.W. Fortenbaugh, Rutgers University)
7. Politics (J. Mirhady)
8. Rhetoric, Poetics (W.W. Fortenbaugh, Rutgers University)
9. Music, Miscellaneous Items and Index of proper names, subject index, selective index of Greek, Latin and Arabic terms (several authors/editors).
Most of the nine commentary volumes will include significant discussion of Arabic texts, with contributions by Dimitri Gutas (Yale University) and Hans Daiber (Free University of Amsterdam).
It is expected that the first commentary volume, volume 5, will appear in the course of 1993.
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Biographical Note

William W. Fortenbaugh, Ph.D. (1964), University of Pennsylvania, is Professor at the Department of Classics, Rutgers University. His publications include Aristotle on Emotion (1975); Quellen zur Ethik Theophrasts (1984). He is Editor of the series Rutgers University Studies in Classical Humanities.

Editorial Board

Together with Andrew D. Barker, John J. Keaney, David C. Mirhady, David Sedley and Michael G. Sollenberger

Review Quotes

' It will be the standard collection for the foreseeable future...'
N.A. Greenberg, 1992.
' La qualité de ce travail en fait un ouvrage de référence indispensable.'
Pierre Pellegrin, Revue Philosophique, 1993.
' excellent piece of work.'
Vivian Nutton, Medical History, 1992.
' ...un recueil indispensable à tous les antiquisants.'
Danielle Gourevitch, Revue d'Histoire des Sciences, 1994.
' One may confidently predict for these two volumes a long and useful life...'
Phillip De Lacy, AJP, 1993.
' ...will provide generations of scholars with an invaluable resource.'
Richard Wallace, Greece & Rome, 1993.
' ...this will remain for many years the standard sourcebook for Theophrastus' life and writings, an indispensable instrument for the reconstruction of the philosophical work and scientific achievements of this eminent but not too well-known Aristotelian.'
NAOS, 1993.
' This two-volume set of reports will find their full use...should be celebrated for the contribution they already make, by themselves to scholarship on ancient philosophy.'
Allan Gotthelf, Metaphysics, 1994.
' Never have these Epicureans been treated so well.'
Phillip De Lacy, AJP, 1993.
' Fortenbaugh, Huby, Sharples and Gutas have done an excellent job and provided scholars with a most useful edition.'
A. G. Nikolaidis, Classical Review, 1994.
' ...the collection of [the texts, critical apparatus and translations of all the fragments of Theophrastus] [...] puts us deeply in the team's debt, and in particular in that of William Fortenbaugh, for masterminding the whole enterprise. Messrs. Brill do their excellent job of printing.'
John Dillon, Ancient Philosophy, 1994.
' ...cette très belle réalisation s'impose d'emblée, tant par sa qualité que par tous les éléments nouveaux qu'elle recèle.'
J.-F. Balaudé Revue des Etudes Grecques
' ...Fortenbaugh and his team are to be warmly congratulated on a fundamental contribution to scholarship.'
G.E.R. Lloyd, ISIS, 1995.


(post)graduates and scholars of Classical Antiquity and Philosophy.

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