Abraham Kuyper's Commentatio (1860): The Young Kuyper about Calvin, a Lasco, and the Church (2 vols.)

I: Introduction, Annotations, Bibliography, and Indices / II: Commentatio


In the Commentatio the 22-year-old Kuyper not only describes Calvin’s and a Lasco’s concepts of the Church, but also discusses them in the light of the Gospel. The Commentatio marks the beginning of modern a Lasco studies. The work also offers the initial impetus for the idea with which Kuyper would later exert great influence on Dutch nation and society: the Church as a free, democratic society of Christians, which manifests itself as a living organism in all spheres of life. The text, which has never been published before, is accompanied by historical and philological introductions, annotations, and comprehensive registers, and throws surprising new light on the origins of Kuyper’s ideas. Moreover, this source edition is important for the study of nineteenth-century Reformation research.
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Jasper Vree, Th.D. (1984), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Main research interest: Dutch Church History, in particular of the nineteenth century; focus: the 'Groningen Movement' ( Groninger richting) and Abraham Kuyper.
Johan Zwaan, Litt.D. (1973) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, was special librarian for Classical Antiquity at the University Library of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He was the editor of G. Groen van Prinsterer, Bescheiden (2 vols., 1990-91).

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It was on Schleiermachers model of a "social" church that Kuyper could not only join the formalism of Calvin with the voluntarism of a Lasco, but could push for democratization in ecclesiastical as well as civil governance - and furthermore, could insist that the mandates of divine election spoke to the social as well as to the church question of the age. Thus, much of Kuyper's provocative message was present "in germ," as he would say, in this early work, and we must be grateful to the sacrifices of the editors and publisher in putting it so ably into the accessible record.
James D. Bratt, Church History and Religious Culture

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All those interested in Abraham Kuyper, church history and Dutch history of the nineteenth century, and the history of the research of Calvin and a Lasco; dogmaticians.


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