An Analytical Concordance of the Verb, the Negation and the Syntax in Egyptian Coffin Texts (2 vols)


The present volume is the long-awaited concordance of the Egyptian coffin texts. It forms the sequel to A Hieroglyphic Dictionary of Egyptian Coffin Texts by the same author. In 1961 A. de Buck published his important seven-volume corpus Egyptian Coffin Texts. The importance of these texts is considerable for a variety of reasons; they are one of the most important literary texts of classical Egypt; the many variants greatly enlarge our understanding of grammar and linguistic structures; the coffin texts are magical texts, the effectiveness of which depended upon the exact reproductions of the original spells.
In this concordance the various readings of each lemma are provided in transliteration into the Latin alphabet, which makes the concordance easily accessible for those unable to read hieroglyphs. The material is divided into the morphological categories of the verb; within each category the verbs are treated in alphabetical order.
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Biographical Note

Rami van der Molen, M.A. (1977), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, researched the Egyptian coffin texts for 20 years.

Review Quotes

' ...great usability...for students of the grammar and contents of the Coffin Texts....The work aims at adding a grammatical concordance to the already-existing tools for studying the language of the Coffin Texts (cf. the overview and comparison in DuQuesne, 2001), making it possible to find occurances of particular verbal forms and other grammatical constructions in the text.'
R. Nyord, The PalArch Foundation, 2005.


All those interested in the Egyptian Coffin Texts, Egyptian lexicography and grammar and Old Testament scholars.


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