The Jurisprudence on the Rights of the Child (4 vols)

Editor: Cynthia Cohen
The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most ratified of all the United Nations Human Rights treaties. Adopted by 191 nations, it is a comprehensive treaty covering the child’s civil-political, economic-social-cultural, and humanitarian rights.

In the over twenty years since the Convention went into force, the Committee on the Rights of the Child (the experts who monitor State Party compliance) has issued its evaluation of the reports of State Parties on their progress in implementing the Convention and their recommendations for future improvements.

The Committee’s Concluding Observations collectively make up the jurisprudence on child rights. Due to the sheer volume of reports, this information is not easily accessible to scholars and child rights activists.

These volumes provide quick access to the Committee’s jurisprudence on an article-by-article basis. By dividing the Concluding Observations for each State Party into sections corresponding to specific articles of the Convention, a researcher can identify the exact language of the Committee’s comment on a particular article for each state party and can evaluate trends in the Committee interpretation.

Those interested in understanding and promoting the rights of children and in the developing worldwide jurisprudence in this important area will find this extensive compilation an invaluable resource.

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.


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Biographical Note

Cynthia Price Cohen is Executive Director of ChildRights International Research Institute.

Table of contents

Volume I: Acknowledgements; Introduction; Summary of General Guidelines for Submission of Initial Reports; Concluding Observations of the Committee by State Party I. Definition of the Child; II. General Principles; III. Civil Rights and Freedoms Volume II: III. Civil Rights and Freedoms (continued); IV. Family Environment and Alternative Care; V. Basic Health and Welfare Volume III: V. Basic Health and Welfare (continued); 2013; VI. Educational, Leisure, and Cultural Activities; VII. Special Protection Measures; a. Children in Situations of Emergency Volume IV: b. Children in Conflict with the Law; c. Children in Situations of Exploitation, Including Physical and Psychological Recovery and Social Reintegration; d. Children Belonging to a Minority or Indigenous Group Annexes