Council of Europe Manuals - Human Rights in Culturally Diverse Societies (2 vols.)

The origins of these Manuals lie in the increasing interest and importance of questions concerning the manner in which the freedom of religion and belief is to be enjoyed in Europe today, and how freedom of expression can be reconciled with other rights in a multi-cultural society. These volumes, written by human rights experts and commissioned by the Council of Europe, offer an overview of two contentious topics - the wearing of religious symbols in public areas and the issue of hate speech - and supply insight into key concepts in the jurisprudence of the Court, the role and responsibilities of the state and individuals, key definitions and essential questions for policy makers.

This title is published in two parts, one in English and one in French. This publication is only available as a set.
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Review Quotes

"The Manual is an instructive and informative guidebook of relevance to both academics and policy-makers."
-Alexandra Pimor, Liverpool John Moores University

Table of contents

Part I:
Manual on the Wearing of Religious Symbols in Public Areas Malcolm D. Evans;
Part II:
Manuel sur le discours de haine, Anne Weber.

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