The China Economy Yearbook, Volume 1

Analysis and Forecast of China's Economy


This first English edition of The China Economy Yearbook, edited by standout economists Liu Guoguang, Wang Luolin and Li Jingwen, includes leading economic studies from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, and other economic research institutions in China. The articles in the yearbook investigate the Chinese economy in the past year from various perspectives, ranging from decision making at the macro level to key industries at the medium level, including real estate, foreign trade, the automotive industry, financing, and investment. This volume also includes special chapters on the economies of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.


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Biographical Note

Liu Guoguang has successively held the posts of assistant research fellow, research fellow, academic secretary, director of the research office, deputy director general and director general of the Institute of Economics at CASS. He has also served as chief editor of the journal Economic Research, and served as a member of the 8th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress from 1993 to 1998. He holds concurrent professorships at Peking University, Zhejiang University, Northeast University of Finance and Economics, and Shanghai University of Finance & Economics.
Wang Luolin is assistant secretary general and executive vice president of the Party Group of CASS, as well as vice-chairman of the Subcommittee of Economy of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee. He is a professor and tutor of doctoral students at the CASS Graduate School.
Li Jingwen is an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and dean of the College of Economics and Management at the Beijing University of Technology. His areas of research include technology economics, engineering management, technological advancement, and productivity theory.

Table of contents

The Chinese Economy: Analysis and Forecast for Spring 2006
Spring 2006 Report Research Group
Analyzing Business Cycles in the Chinese Economy
Liu Shucheng, Zhang Xiaojing, and Zhang Ping
China’s Prospects Regarding Sustained Economic Growth
Fan Jianping
Operations of the Chinese Economy in 2005 and Growth Projection in 2006
Wang Jinming, Gao Tiemei, and Chen Fei
Policy Analysis Regarding China’s Economic Prospects in 2006
Qiu Xiaohua and Zheng Jingping
Policy Choices Regarding Economic Growth in China in 2006
Li Boxi
Investment and Its Economic Impact in 2006
Zhang Hanya
China’s Macroeconomic Trends and Policies for 2005-2006
Economic Research Institute, Renmin University of China
Analysis of China’s Trade in 2005 and Prospects in 2006
Pei Changhong and Lin Jiang
Tax Policies and Their Connection to Economic Operations, Analyses, and Forecasts for 2005-2006
Zhang Peisen
The State of Environmental Protection in China, 2005-2006
Shu Qing
Current Conditions and Future Trends in China’s Real Estate Market in 2005
Policy Research Center, Ministry of Construction
Business Cycles and the Growth of China’s Real Estate Industry
Qin Wanshun, Jin Yunhui, and Bu Yongxiang
Growing Supply and Demand in the Automotive Industry
Fu Yuwu
Analysis and Growth Forecast for the Service Sector, 2005-2006
Shi Zhuxian, Wang Liyong, Mou Xiaoyun, and Liu Junsheng
Consumer Spending Slows, Inflationary Pressures Dissipate: Analyzing the Current Production System and Its Prospects for 2006
Chen Kexin and Chen Zongqun
Consumption in China in 2005 and 2006
Guo Shouzhong
Growth Trends in China’s Three Major Economic Centers
Deng Lishu and Wei Shuhua
Analyzing Regional Economic Adjustments in the People’s Republic of China
Jing Tihua
The Yangtze River Delta: Managing Sustainable Development
Tian Boping
Analyzing Industrial Conditions in the Pear River Basin
Shu Yuan
Analysis of Financial Markets and Their Prospects in 2005
Wang Yi and Chen Hao
Reforming the Currency Exchange System
Li Yang and Yu Weibin
Reviewing the 2005 Shanghai Securities Market and Its Prospects for 2006
Wu Qian, Zhang Xiaozhong, and Zhu Pingfang
Reviewing Capital Market Performance in 2004 and 2005 and Projections for 2006
Huang Ruifen, Yin Kedong, Zhao Xin, and Li Li
Analysis of Current Conditions and Future Prospects of the Taiwanese Economy
Zhang Guanhua
Hong Kong’s Economy Enters a New Phase: Improvements in Hong Kong’s Economy and Changes in Its Relationship with the Mainland
Guo Guoquan
Analysis of Current and Future Economic Conditions in Macao
The Macao Macroeconomic Workgroup, Huaqiao University
Appendix: General Statistical Data
Shen Lisheng


All those interested in developments in China’s economy and delving into the methodologies used by China’s economists for research and policy formation. Also an excellent primary source for examining how professors and researchers in China discuss and analyze economic phenomena.


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