A Bishopric Between Three Kingdoms

Calahorra, 1045-1190


In 1045, the northern Iberian Bishopric of Calahorra was brought back into being by García III of Navarre on the frontline of his expanding frontiers with Castile. On the death of its eighth post-restoration bishop in 1190, all or part of the territory of this, by then unmistakably Castilian, see had changed hands no less than seven times between Navarre, Aragon, and Leon-Castile/Castile, as these emergent Christian kingdoms competed furiously over the Riojan frontier zone that it occupied. This book, the first to provide a detailed exploration of eleventh and twelfth century Calahorra, examines the relationship between the extreme volatility of Calahorra’s political situation and the peculiarities of the see’s political and institutional development during its first 145 years as a restored Iberian bishopric.
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Biographical Note

Carolina R. Carl, Ph.D. (2005) in Medieval History, University of St. Andrews, is a History teacher in Spain. She has collaborated with the Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, CSIC, Madrid in the creation of map-based interactive medieval history research tools, and has published on different aspects of the eleventh- and twelfth-century Bishopric of Calahorra ( Journal of Medieval History, 2008; Hispania Sacra, 2008).

Table of contents

Acknowledgements ...ix
List of Maps ...xi

Introduction ...1
1. The Jewel in the Crown: Calahorra and the Kings of Navarre, 1046–1065 ...13
2. The Eclipse of a Frontier Bishopric, 1066–1108 ...43
2.1 Bishop Munio (1066–1080) ...43
2.2 Schism and Royal Appointees: Bishops Sancho (1081–1087), Pedro (1081–1085), Siegfried (1088), and Pedro (1089–1108) ...70
3. Independence on the Periphery: Calahorra’s Autonomous Development, 1109–1146 ...91
3.1 Bishop Sancho de Grañón (1109–1116) ...91
3.2 Bishop Sancho de Funes (1118–1146) ...103
4. Coming of Age: Calahorra, 1147–1190 ...155
4.1 Bishop Rodrigo Cascante and Royal Authority .155
4.2 The Reform of the Cathedral ...206
4.3 Bishop Rodrigo Cascante’s Territorial Administration .235
Conclusions ...265

Bibliography ...273
Index ...285


All those interested in the history of medieval Iberia, the history of the Church, the history of the Rioja and the history of the Basque Country.


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