The Emergence of the Bohemian State


The emergence of the Bohemian state is a long-discussed topic with many obscure points. Though significant progress has been reached in recent decades, the interpretations proposed are far from satisfactory. Important new information is still awaiting inclusion in explanatory schemes. In addition to that, treatises on the origins of Bohemian state have frequently failed to take account of studies of scholars from abroad. Taking account of all this, the author proposes a fresh look on some of the essential data provided by history, archaeology, art history and cultural or social anthropology. What emerges is a nuanced perspective of the rising of one of central Europe´s first states, attempting to avoid the pitfalls to which traditional research has been falling, with emphasis on a broad scope of vision taking account of research results reached far and wide.
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Biographical Note

Petr Charvát (doc. PhDr. DrSc., 1980) is Associate Professor of Near eastern Studies at the University of West Bohemia in Plzen (Pilsen). He is the author of Long-distance trade in early medieval Europe (in Czech, Brno: FFUK 1998), and Birth of the Bohemian state (in Czech, Praha: Vyšehrad, 2007), of which the present book is a substantially re-worked and enlarged version, translated into English.

Table of contents

Foreword ... vii
List of Illustrations ... xi
List of Color Illustrations ... xvii

Chapter 1. The Seventh-Century: Before The Gates of Europe ...1
Chapter 2. The Eighth-Century: Let This Be Our Homeland ...55
Chapter 3. The Ninth-Century: From Here to Eternity? ...93
Chapter 4. The ‘Long Tenth-Century’: The Point of No Return ...137

Postscript ...207

Reference List of Sources and Literature for Further Study ...209
Register ...229


All those interested in the history of central Europe, the relation between archaeology and history, the emergence of states and East-West relations.

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