International Military Missions and International Law


The Law of Armed Conflict traditionally regulates the actions of States and armed groups, as well as individuals who participate in hostilities. It is increasingly evident that there are significant legal issues regarding the application of this law to the activities of International Military Missions, especially with regard to United Nations forces and other international organisations because it is unclear how their activities are regulated by traditional sources of International Law. The book explores the legal developments in addressing this challenge, including pertinent issues of human rights and international criminal law, elucidating the rights and obligations of all the actors, including States, international organisations and individuals, involved in International Military Missions.
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Biographical Note

Marco Odello, Ph.D. in Comparative Law, Complutense University of Madrid, is Senior Lecturer in Law at Aberystwyth University, and member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law (San Remo).

Ryszard Piotrowicz, Ph.D. in International Law, University of Glasgow, is Professor of Law at Aberystwyth University. He specialises in International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law.

Review Quotes

"International Military Missions and International Law provides a current and quite exhaustive review of the legal issued that should be examined by lawyers acting for States or international organizations participating in international operations."
-Vincent Roobaert, NCI Agency

Table of contents

List of Contributors; Abbreviation List; Abbreviation of Journals; Foreword; Introduction
Chapter 1 Towards Integrated Peace Operations: The Evolution of Peacekeeping and Coalitions of the Willing Nigel D. White;
Chapter 2 Legal Regimes Governing International Military Missions Marco Odello and Ryszard Piotrowicz;
Chapter 3 IHL Obligations of the UN and other International Organisations Involved in International Missions Katie E. Sams;
Chapter 4 A Single Standard for Coalitions: Lowest Common Denominator or Highest Standard? Susan C. Breau;
Chapter 5 Human Rights Law and Peacekeeping Operations Noëlle Quénivet;
Chapter 6 Rules of Engagement Ben Klappe;
Chapter 7 Crisis Response Operations in Maritime Environments Ulf Häußler;
Chapter 8 Criminal Responsibility of International Military Missions and Personnel Paolina Massidda;
Chapter 9 The Responsibility of International Organisations for Military Missions Nicholas Tsagourias;
Conclusions; Select Bibliography and Cases; Index.


Of particular interest for practitioners, including military legal advisers, as well as officers of international institutions, scholars and students of international law, international politics and legal theory.

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