Discourse Cohesion in Ancient Greek


Editors: S.J. Bakker and G.C. Wakker
Central in this volume of the 6th International Colloquium on Ancient Greek Linguistics is the question how cohesion is created in Ancient Greek texts. The contributions to the volume either discuss the various cohesive devices that occur in a specific text or focus on the use and function of a particular cohesion device in a larger corpus. Apart from the use of pronomina and particles, less standard cohesive devices, like the use of tense and the grammatical form of complements, are taken into consideration. The result is a volume that gives a good impression of recent research in the field of Greek linguistics, not only of interest for classical scholars, but also for general linguists interested in discourse coherence cnd cohesion.

Contributors include: Rutger J. Allan, Stéphanie J. Bakker, Louis Basset, Anna Bonifazi, Annemieke Drummen, Marietje (A.M.) van Erp Taalman Kip, Coulter H. George, Luuk Huitink, Sander Orriens, Annemieke van der Plaat, Antonio Revuelta, Albert Rijksbaron and Gerry C. Wakker.
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Biographical Note

Gerry C. Wakker, Ph.D University of Amsterdam ( Conditions and Conditionals. An investigation of Ancient Greek. Amsterdam: Gieben 1994) is Professor of Ancient Greek Linguistics at the University of Groningen. She has published on tense, aspect, particles and subordinate clauses in Ancient Greek.

Stéphanie J. Bakker obtained her Ph.D. degree in Greek linguistics with a dissertation on the noun phrase in Ancient Greek (Brill, fc). Currently, she has a postdoc position at Leiden University and teaches Greek at the University of Groningen.


Classical scholars, especially those interested in linguistics, as well as general linguists interested in discourse cohesion.


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