British and Irish Emigrants and Exiles in Europe, 1603-1688


This book comprises the first full-length comparison of Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh migration within Europe in the early modern period. Divided into four sections - 'Immigrants and Civilian Life', 'Diplomats and Travellers', 'Protestants and Patrons' and 'Catholics at Home and Abroad' - it offers a new perspective on several themes. Contributors elucidate networks of traders, soldiers, as well as scholars and religious figures. Material regarding patterns of residence (sometimes of the nature of an enclave, sometimes not), places of worship, choice of marital partners, and cases of return migration, is presented, the results demonstrating clearly the fruitfulness of pursuing a comparative approach to seventeenth-century British and Irish history.
Contributors are Waldemar Kowalski, Peter Davidson, Douglas Catterall, Steve Murdoch, Ciaran O’Scea, Éamon Ó Ciosáin, Igor Pérez Tostado, Kathrin Zickermann, Barry Robertson, Siobhan Talbott, Polona Vidmar, David J.B. Trim, Tom McInally, Thomas O’Connor and Caroline Bowden.

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David Worthington, Ph.D. (2001) in History, University of Aberdeen, is Lecturer in History at the UHI Millennium Institute, the prospective University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland. He has published extensively on British and Irish connections with central Europe during the late medieval and early modern periods and is author of Scots in Habsburg Service, 1618-1648 (Brill, 2004)
“...There are clearly dangers with any edited collection. Are the papers commissioned? Are the contributors self-generating? Do the papers cohere, but nevertheless do they cover a range of possible areas of exploration? Worthington’s introduction is a master-class in exploring the topic in its widest sense and laying out the problematics...This then, is a striking and thought-provoking examination of the questions raised by Worthington...”
Sarah Barber in Northern Scotland, Volume 5, Page 115-118 DOI 10.3366/nor.2014.0078, May 2014.

" British and Irish Emigrants and Exiles in Europe, 1603-1688, is certainly a useful addition to the historiography of the British and Irish diaspora in the seventeenth century. The editor is to be commended for trying to include England and Wales into a field where the Irish IRSS 35 (2010) 181 and Scots have dominated in recent years."
John Sherry, University of Guelph in IRSS 35 (2010) pp. 179-182
Acknowledgments ... ix
List of Contributors ... xi

Introduction .. 1
David Worthington

Community, Commodity and Commerce: The Stockholm-Scots in the Seventeenth Century ... 31
Steve Murdoch
Scoti, Cives Cracovienses: Their Ethnic and Social Identity, 1570–1660 .. 67
Waldemar Kowalski
Fortress Rotterdam? Rotterdam’s Scots Community and the Covenanter Cause, 1638–1688 .. 87
Douglas Catterall
Special privileges for the Irish in the Kingdom of Castile (1601–1680): Modern Myth or Contemporary Reality? ... 107
Ciaran O’Scea
Hidden by 1688 and Aft er: Irish Catholic Migration to France, 1590–1685 .. 125
Éamon Ó Ciosáin

Murder as a Weapon of Exile: English Politics at the Spanish Court (1649–1652) .. 141
Igor Pérez Tostado
Scots in Swedish Bremen and Verden (1645–1712) .. 161
Kathrin Zickermann
The Gordons of Huntly: A Scottish Noble Household and its European Connections, 1603–1688 ... 181
Barry Robertson

“My Heart is a Scotch Heart”: Scottish Calvinist Exiles in France in their Continental Context: 1605–1638 ... 197
Siobhan Talbott
Under the Habsburgs and the Stuarts: The Leslies’ Portrait Gallery in Ptuj Castle, Slovenia .. 215
Polona Vidmar
English Military Emigres and the Protestant Cause in Europe, 1603–c. 1640 ... 237
David J.B. Trim

Scottish Catholics Abroad, 1603–88: Evidence Derived from the Archives of the Scots Colleges ... 261
Tom McInally
Irish Franciscan Networks at Home and Abroad, 1607–1640 . 279
Thomas O’Connor
The English Convents in Exile and Questions of National Identity, c. 1600–1688 .. 297
Caroline Bowden
Perceptions of the British Isles and Ireland among the
Catholic Exiles: The Case of Robert Corbington SJ .. 315
Peter Davidson

Index ... 323

All those interested in British, Irish and European history in the early modern period, as well as in migration and diaspora history.