Liber Amicorum Judge Shigeru Oda (2 vols)

Judge Shigeru Oda, having served since 1976 in three successive nine-year terms on the International Court of Justice, has helped to shape the Court's jurisprudence for over a quarter century. His influence on the law of the sea spans an even longer period, beginning with his doctoral dissertation at Yale Law school in the 1950s and continuing with his involvement in the First, Second and Third UN Conferences on the Law of the Sea.
In a tribute to Judge Oda's significant contributions to international law, leading scholars on the law of the sea, international dispute settlement and the ICJ itself have produced a Festschrift in his honour that promises to be a standard reference work on these topics for years to come.
This two volume work, containing over 95 articles, begins by examining the role of the international judge and the jurisdiction of international tribunals (including reservations to jurisdiction, the Optional Clause, the Special Agreement, and the power to indicate special measures). It contains a particularly lively debate regarding the proliferation of international tribunals and whether the potential for conflicting decisions is problematic or productive. Other areas of focus include the history and current development of the law of the sea; the first in-depth examination of the establishment and first decisions of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea; and the ICJ's treatment of the development, doctrines and sources of international law. Further sections are devoted to International Litigation as analysed by leading practitioners; Land and Maritime Boundaries, International Watercourses and Other Waters; and Defence, the Use of Force and the Law of Armed Conflict.
The composition of the editorial team - Nisuke Ando of Kyoto, Edward McWhinney of Ottawa and Rüdiger Wolfrum of Heidelberg - reflects Judge Oda's truly international career and the extent to which his work has drawn from and contributed to diverse legal traditions.

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'The festschrift is not only a fitting tribute to Judge Oda but also a very valuable contribution to the debate on many important and current issues in international law.'
Sienho Yee, Chinese JIL, 2006.
'Il n’est pas surprenant de retrouver la fine fleur du droit international réunie à l’occasion de cet hommage au juge Oda qui rassemble quatre-vingt-dix-sept contributions de grande qualité. […] Sans qu’il soit possible ici de donner ne serait-ce qu’une simple énumération de ces contributions dues aux plus grands spécialistes de la discipline, on se contentera de dire que la qualité de ce très riche Liber amicorum en fait une lecture obligée pour tout internationaliste.'
Annuaire française de droit international, XLVIII - 2002.
'The ninety-seven (97) distinct analyses in this collection, by such prominent authors, make it an invaluable tool for obtaining the latest from the greates.'
Newsletter UN21 Interest Group of the American Society of International Law, 25 (June 2002).
Table of Contents.
Volume I.
I. A Tribute to Judge Oda.
II. The International Judge.
III. The international Court of Justice and International Law; Development, Doctrines and Sources.
IV. Individual Judgments of the International Court of Justice.
V. The Jurisdiction of International Tribunals.
VI. The Proliferation of International Tribunals.
VII. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and Related Maritime Dispute Settlement Procedures.
Volume II.
VIII. International Litigation: Strategies, Rules and Procedures.
IX. Land and Maritime Boundaries, International Watercourses and Other Waters.
X. The Law of the Sea.
XI. The Environment and the Law of the Sea.
XII. Human Rights.
XIII. Defense, the Use of Force and the Law of Armed Conflict.