Human Rights and Good Governance

Building Bridges


Rédacteurs en chef Hans-Otto Sano, Gudmundur Alfredsson, and Robin Clapp
This volume, the result of an ongoing Nordic research project undertaken under the auspices of the Danish Centre for Human Rights in Copenhagen and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Lund, examines the relationship and possible interaction between good governance and human rights. The contributors consist of academics and professionals with backgrounds in development studies, economics, law, political science, and sociology. Together they demonstrate the need for interdisciplinary dialogue and clarification of concepts, contents, and processes of realisation.
While good governance is mainly pursued in a development context, it is a central message of the book that good governance guidelines ought to have universal applicability, affecting international organisations and public and private actors in Northern as well as Southern countries. Yet an established consensus does not exist on how good governance and human rights can or should complement each other. The book therefore assesses the advantages of using existing links and identifies ways of building new bridges for mutual support between governance and human rights.
The authors examine their topics on the basis of theory, best practices, law, the experiences of societies undergoing democratic transition, and other empirical evidence, without attempting to come up with a common definition of good governance. The plurality of interpretations will hopefully further strengthen good governance and human rights as integral elements of a global agenda.

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Introduction; H.-O. Sano, G. Alfredsson; Good Governance – How Does It Relate to Human Rights? M. Kjœr, K. Kinnerup; The Usefulness of Human Rights for Democracy and Good Governance G. Alfredsson; State Responsibility, Good Governance and Indivisible Human Rights M. Scheinin; Good Governance, Human Rights, and the Rights of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples A. Eide; Good Governance and the Implementation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights I.E. Koch; Bridging Human Rights and Governance – Constructing Civic Competence and the Reconstitution of Political Order B.-A. Andreassen; Good Governance, Accountability and Human Rights H.-O. San; Good Governance and Public Sector Reform: the Human Rights Consequences of Structural Adjustment Programmes T. Halvorsen, G.G. Michelsen; Anti-Corruption Initiatives and Human Rights: the Potentials M. Buckley; Good Governance in the Electoral Process M. Suksi; Administrative Law Reform and Human Rights Observance in Public Administration and Beyond: the People's Republic of China K. Buhmann; About the Contributors.