A History of Ancient Near Eastern Law


The first comprehensive survey of the world's oldest known legal systems, this collaborative work of twenty-two scholars covers over 3,000 years of legal history of the Ancient Near East. Each of the book's chapters represents a review of the law of a particular period and region, e.g. the Egyptian Old Kingdom, by a specialist in that area. Within each chapter, the material is organized under standardized legal categories (e.g. constitutional law, family law) that make for easy cross-referencing. The chapters are arranged chronologically by millennium and within each millennium by the three major politico-cultural spheres of the region: Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Anatolia and the Levant. An introduction by the editor discusses the general character of Ancient Near Eastern Law.
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Raymond Westbrook, Ph.D. (1982) in Assyriology, Yale University, is Professor of Ancient Law at the Johns Hopkins University. Also trained as a lawyer, he has published extensively on the legal systems of the ancient world, from Sumer to Rome.


A basic reference work for academic libraries, for the use especially of students and scholars of ancient history, Near Eastern studies, and the history of law.

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