The China Society Yearbook, Volume 4


Editors: Xin Ru, Xueyi Lu and Peilin Li
The year 2008 marked a historical turning point for China, with the 30th anniversary of the launch of China’s opening and reform policy, and the Olympic Games in Beijing. On a negative note, the year was also marked by the Sichuan earthquake and the subprime mortgage crisis in the USA. China maintained a growth rate of 10% from 2003 to 2007, and began to adjust its industrial structures, shift development modes, and reform the urban-rural duality. China also increased its investment in employment, education, healthcare, social security, and public service sectors, especially in rural areas. The international economic crisis has however dragged down the international economic situation, in response to which the Chinese government is aiming to invest RMB 4 trillion over the next two years to confront this major challenge. China’s economic and social development situation in 2009 will have major significance in the drafting of future economic policy.
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Biographical Note

Ru Xin is former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a former research fellow at the Philosophy Research Institute of CASS.
Lu Xueyi is former director of the Institute of Sociology at CASS and former president of the Chinese Sociological Association of the Academic Committee of CASS. He is currently Professor and Senior Researcher at the Institute of Sociology.
Li Peilin is Director of the Institute of Sociology and Director of the Department of Sociology at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Editorial Board

International Advisory Board:
Yanjie Bian is professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota. He has published books and articles on post-Mao Chinese society, with a focus on social stratification, occupational mobility, and interpersonal networks. Since 2003, he has led a group of social scientists to conduct the Chinese General Social Survey.
Nan Lin is Oscar L. Tang Family Professor of Sociology at Duke University. His research interests are in social networks and social capital, the life stress process (especially social support as resources), social stratification and mobility, and Chinese societies.
Xueguang Zhou is senior fellow at the Freeman Spongli Institute for International Studies and professor of sociology and at Stanford University. His main area of research is institutional changes in contemporary Chinese society, focusing on Chinese organizations and management, social inequality, and state-society relationships.

Table of contents

1. New Challenges to China’s Social Development: China’s Social Development in 2008–2009—An Overall Analysis and Forecast Report
Li Peilin and Chen Guangjin
2. Report on Research into the People’s Livelihood in 2008
Li Peilin and Li Wei
3. Living Conditions and Policy Needs of the Disaster-Affected Population in the Wenchuan Earthquake Area
Wang Fenyu, He Guangxi, Ma Ying, Deng Dasheng, and Zhao Yandong
4. 2008 Quality of Life in China Study Report
Victor Yuan and Zhang Hui
5. 2008 Disabilities and Welfare in China Study Report
Chen Xinmin, Chen Gong, and Lu Qingzhe
6. College Graduate Employment and Skills Survey Report
Li Chunling and Wang Boqing
7. An Overview of Police Offi cers’ Views on Public Order in China, 2008–2009
Zhang Peiwen, Zhang Shanshan, and Tian Feng
8. Consumption in Urban and Rural Areas of China
Lu Qingzhe
9. Urban and Rural Minimum Social Security System: New Stage and Range of Coverage
Zhang Shifei and Tang Jun
10. Further Progress with Endowment Insurance in 2008
Wang Fayun and Li Yu
11. Report on Education Developments in China in 2008
Yang Dongping
12. Direction of—and Choices in—New Health Care Reform in China
Edward Gu
13. Environmental Protection in 2008
Yan Shihui and Qian Yong
14. Report on the Future Supply of the Working Age Population and Demand for Employable Skills in China
Zhang Yi
15. Analysis Report on Internet Public Opinion in China in 2008
Zhu Huaxin, Shan Xuegang, and Hu Jiangchun

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