The China Society Yearbook, Volume 5


Editors: Xin Ru, Xueyi Lu and Peilin Li
The China Society Yearbook, Volume 5 continues the ten-year tradition of presenting precise and venerable academic principles by compiling the findings of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ subject research group for the “Analysis and Forecast of the Social Situation”. The focus of the research group centered around three themes for 2009-2010. First, the steps China is taking to lead the country away from the shadow of the financial crisis and begin a new stage of growth. The second focus was how to organize this new growth stage. China's development relies on upgrading the industrial structures, transforming the social and economic structures, and stimulating domestic consumption demand. Finally, the group addressed China’s policy of an overall restructuring that focuses on major societal issues such as employment, division of income, education, health and medical systems, social security, the urban-rural administration system, public institution administration, and the community and social organizational reform.

Written by contributors from professional research and survey organizations, universities, and related governmental sections, The China Society Yearbook, Volume 5 provides an excellent resource for those interested in current societal changes in China.

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Biographical Note
Ru Xin is former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a former research fellow at the Philosophy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Lu Xueyi is former director of the Institute of Sociology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and former president of the Chinese Sociological Association of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is currently Professor and Senior Researcher at the Institute of Sociology.
Li Peilin is Director of the Institute of Sociology and Director of the Department of Sociology at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Editorial Board
International Advisory Board:
Yanjie Bian is professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota. He has published books and articles on post-Mao Chinese society, with a focus on social stratification, occupational mobility, and interpersonal networks. Since 2003, he has led a group of social scientists to conduct the Chinese General Social Survey.
Nan Lin is Oscar L. Tang Family Professor of Sociology at Duke University. His research interests are in social networks and social capital, the life stress process (especially social support as resources), social stratification and mobility, and Chinese societies.
Xueguang Zhou is senior fellow at the Freeman Spongli Institute for International Studies and professor of sociology and at Stanford University. His main area of research is institutional changes in contemporary Chinese society, focusing on Chinese organizations and management, social inequality, and state-society relationships.
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Table of Contents
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Chapter One: A New Growth Stage of Development: Analysis and Forecast of China’s Social Development in 2009-2010
Li Peilin, Chen Guangjin, and the “Analysis and Forecast on Social Situation” Task Group, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Chapter Two: Urban and Rural Residents’ Income and Consumption in 2009
Lu Qingzhe

Chapter Three: Employment and Policy Under International Financial Crisis in 2009
Mo Rong, Zhao Liwei, and Chen Lan

Chapter Four: Towards a Society Where Everybody has Social Security
Wang Fayun and Li Yu

Chapter Five: Report on China’s Educational Development in 2009
Yang Dongping

Chapter Six: Official Start of Medical and Health Care System Reform in China
Gu Xin

Chapter Seven: Analysis on Public Order in 2009
Fan Zaiqin, Song Dongyan, and Yan Congbing

Chapter Eight: Environmental Protection under International Financial Crisis in 2009
Qian Yong and Yan Shihui

Chapter Nine: Report on Investigations of Family Formation and Family Relations in Five Cities
Li Yinhe, Five-city Family Investigation Subject Group, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Chapter Ten: Investigation Report on Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of the Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Areas
Zhao Yandong, Ma Ying, He Guangxi, Deng Dasheng, and Xue Shu

Chapter Eleven: Core Task of Social Construction at New Stage: Social Structural Readjustment
Lu Xueyi, Song Guokai, Hu Jianguo, and Li Xiaozhuang

Chapter Twelve: Issues on Population in China in 2011-2015
Zhang Yi

Chapter Thirteen: Development and Changes of Public Expenditure Structure in China
Huang Yanfen and Lin Fan

Chapter Fourteen: Chinese Work Situation and Labor Relations in 2009
Qiao Jian

Chapter Fifteen: Report on Farmer Development in 2009
Fan Ping

Chapter Sixteen: Statistical Charts on Social Development (2009)
Zhang Liping
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