The Projection and Limitations of Imperial Powers, 1618-1850


The two centuries that chronologically bind the topics in this volume span a period in which Europe was in its global ascendancy. The projection of imperial powers reflected the increasing centralization of states. The ability of state institutions to control and pay for the acquisition, protection and maintenance of empires could only be achieved when internal threats abated and centralized bureaucratic states emerged. Expansion, however, was not uniform, and the desire to export power was often limited by economic considerations and internal political and social conflict. Nevertheless, between 1618-1850 hegemonic empires were established and yet, the incidence of conflict between them declined in the years after 1815. This volume explores the various factors related to the projection and limitation of imperial powers in the western world.
Contributors are Jeremy Black, Paul W. Schroeder, John A. Lynn, Dennis Showalter, Peter H. Wilson, Janet M. Hartley, Ciro Paoletti and Robert Epstein.

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Frederick C. Schneid, Ph.D. (1993) in History, Purdue University, is Professor of History and Chair of the Department of History at High Point University. He has published extensively on the Napoleonic Wars and European warfare, including Napoleon's Conquest of Europe: The War of the Third Coalition (Praeger, 2005).

Table of contents

List of Contributors ...vii
List of Abbreviations ...ix

Foreword ...xi
Eleanor Hancock

Introduction ...1
Frederick C. Schneid
Meaningless Conflict? The Character of the Thirty Years War ...12
Peter H. Wilson
War and Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV: The Global Context ...34
Jeremy Black
The Other Side of Victory: Honorable Surrender during the Wars of Louis XIV ...51
John A. Lynn II
Italy, Piedmont and French Anti-Habsburg Strategy, 1690–1748 ...68
Ciro Paoletti
Reform and Stability: Prussia’s Military Dialectic from Hubertusberg to Waterloo ...83
Dennis Showalter
Russia as a Great Military Power, 1762–1825 ... 105
Janet M. Hartley
Aspects of Military and Operational Efffectiveness of the Armies of France, Austria, Russia and Prussia in 1813 ...122
Robert M. Epstein
The Napoleonic Wars in Global Perspective ... 149
Jeremy Black
Europe’s Progress and America’s Success, 1760–1850 ...170
Paul W. Schroeder
War and Revolution in the Age of the Risorgimento, 1820–1849 ... 196
Frederick C. Schneid

Index ... 219


All those interested in military history, early modern and modern European history and diplomatic history.

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