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Liber Amicorum Božidar Bakotić

The Liber Amicorum is published on the occasion of the retirement of Professor Božidar Bakotić from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, after an impressive career that started in 1961. His colleagues and former students have contributed to this collection of essays dealing with a variety of topics in the fields of international law which Professor Bakotić himself has been most active in. Therefore, the majority of essays deal with the subjects of international law, the various international régimes of spaces, the international protection of human rights and humanitarian law, the settlement of international disputes and the law of armed conflicts. Notwithstanding the specific international developments over the last twenty years in the geographic area where Professor Bakotić has served (Southeastern Europe), all the authors of the contributions to this Liber Amicorum have dealt with their topics at the level of general international law. The book comprises 32 essays from scholars who had close relations with Professor Bakotić in the course of his career at the Zagreb Faculty of Law, in various other law schools and international organisations, in the International Law Association, in the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Diplomatic Academy. The majority of essays are in English and six are in French.
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Biographical Note

Budislav Vukas, Professor of International Law at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law (retired), Member of the Institut de Droit international, former Judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, ad hoc Judge before the International Court of Justice.

Trpimir M. Šošić, LL.M. (2006) in Public International Law, University of Zagreb, is an assistant at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Chair of International Law. He is currently working on a doctoral thesis in the field of the law of the sea.


All those with a primary interest in public international law, but also those interested in international relations and contemporary history.


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