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Near Eastern Studies in Honor of Benjamin R. Foster


This volume is a scholarly tribute to Benjamin R. Foster, Laffan Professor of Assyriology and Babylonian Literature and Curator of the Babylonian Collection at Yale University, from some of his students, colleagues, and companions, in appreciation of his outstanding achievements and in thanks for his friendship. Reflecting on the remarkable breadth of the honoree’s research interests, the twenty-six original papers in this Festschrift cover a wide range of topics in ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian literature, economic and social history, as well as art and archaeology.
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Biographical Note

Sarah C. Melville, Ph.D.(1994) Yale University, is Associate Professor of History at Clarkson University. She has published on Neo-Assyrian military history, imperial expansion and collapse, and royal women, including The Role of Naqia/Zakutu in Sargonid Politics (1999).
Alice L. Slotsky, Ph.D. (1992) Yale University, is a Research Affiliate in Assyriology at Yale. Her studies of Late Babylonian prices include The Bourse of Babylon (1997) and Tallies and Trends (2009). She now devotes her research to Babylonian cuisine.

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Bibliography of the works of Benjamin R. Foster
Archi, A. “The God Hay(y)a (Ea/Enki) at Ebla”
Caubet, A. “Or, Pierres Precieuses et Artifices”
Charpin, D. “Un Nouveau ‘Protocole de Serment’ de Mari”
Czechowicz, N. and Dandamayev, M. “A Late Achaemenid Document from Tapshuhu”
Dalley, S. “Old Babylonian Prophecies at Uruk and Kish”
Darnell, J. “A Midsummer Night’s Succubus – the Herdsman’s Encounters in P. Berlin 3024, the Pleasures of Fishing and Fowling, the Songs of the Drinking Place, and the Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry”
Foster, K. P. “Well-tempered Words: Ceramic Metaphors in Mesopotamian Literature”
Frahm, E. “The Latest Sumerian Proverbs”
Garfinkle, S. “Merchants and State Formation in Early Mesopotamia”
George, A. “The Assyrian Elegy: form and meaning”
Glassner, J.-J. “L’ordre de Lecture des Presages sur le Foie de L’animal Sacrifie”
Leichty, E. “Dream On”
Liverani, M. “’Untruthful Steles’: Propaganda and Reliability in Ancient Mesopotamia”
Manassa, C. “Defining Historical Fiction in New Kingdom Egypt”
Matthiae, P. “The Seal of Ushra-Samu, Official of Ebla, and Ishkhara’s Iconography”
Payne, E. “A New Addition to the Musical Corpus”
Pearce, L. “Sealed Identities”
Richardson, S. “A Light in the Gagûm Window: The Sippar Cloister in the Late Old Babylonian Period”
Rochberg, F. “Sheep and Cattle, Cows and Calves: the Sumero-Akkadian Astral Gods as Livestock”
Sasson, J. M. “Coherence and Fragments: Reflections on the SKL and The Book of Judges”
Schwartz, G. Early Non-cuneiform Writing? Third-millennium BC Clay Cylinders from Umm el-Marra”
Sigrist, M. “ Myth, Magic, and Ritual”
Van De Mieroop, M. “A Study in contrast: Sargon of Assyria and Rusa of Urartu”
Visicato, G. “The Career of Ur-Bagara as a Chronological Indicatior of the Documents of Girsu from Šarkališarri to Gudea”
Westenholz, A. “What’s New in Town?”
Westenholz, J. “Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes”


All those interested in the history, literature, art, and archaeology of the ancient Near East.

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