Global Justice and Sustainable Development


Editor: Duncan French
In recognising the significant role international law can play in supporting the objectives of justice and sustainable development, Global Justice and Sustainable Development provides a wide-ranging analysis of some of the most fundamental challenges facing global society. In particular, the volume seeks to consider the synergies between sustainable development and global justice – two notions that are simultaneously hugely important and, in equal measure, enormously contentious within both international law and international relations.

Organized in a three-part structure, Global Justice and Sustainable Development revisits some of the basic assumptions on which the general principles are built, considers the implications for differing aspects of international law, and focuses on national and regional approaches.

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Duncan French is Professor of International Law at the University of Sheffield. He is also co-rapporteur of the International Law Association (ILA) Committee on International Law on Sustainable Development.
1. Sustainable Development and the Instinctive Imperative of Justice in the Global Order, Duncan French

Part I: Refining General Principles
2. Sustainability Discourses in International Courts: What Place for Global Justice? Tim Stephens
3. Sustainable Development and Fragmentation in International Society, Jaye Ellis
4. Sustainable Development, Integration and the Conflation of Values: The Fuel Retailers Case, Dire Tladi
5. Sustainable Development, Major Groups and Stakeholder Dialogue – Lessons from the UN, Karen Morrow
6. The Normative Influence of Islamic Shari’ah on Current UN Discourse on Justice and Sustainable Development, Katja Samuel
7. Demystifying the Ideal – Water and Sustainability in Ancient Greek Laws, Etienne Dunant

Part II: Pursuing Global Justice and Sustainable Development in International Law
8. Procedural International Environmental Justice? The Evolution of Procedural Means for Environmental Protection: From Inter-State Obligations to Individual-State Rights, David M. Ong
9. Climate Change and Shifting Paradigms, Joyeeta Gupta
10. The Impact of International Foreign Investment Rules on Domestic Law, Ximena Fuentes
11. Water Services Privatisation and Recognition of the Human Right to Water in International Investment Law – Finding Fertile Ground in Unlikely Places, Owen McIntyre
12. Ecosystem Services, Agricultural Subsidies and World Trade: in search of Global Justice and Sustainable Development, Elena Merino Blanco
13. The Concept of Equality in International Trade and Investment Law: A Catalyst for Sustainable Development< Freya Baetens
14. The Curious Phenomenon of “Environmental Migration/Displacement” and the Role of International Law in Cross-Border Protection, Michèle Morel and Frank Maes

Part III: National and Regional Approaches
15. Global Poverty and Sustainable Development - Challenges addressed by the EU’s Renewed Sustainable Development Strategy, Silke Steiner
16. Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development: Guidelines for Environmental Law-Making, Dominique Hervé
17. Some Australian examples of the integration of environmental, economic and social considerations into decision making – the jurisprudence of facts and context, Jennifer McKay
18. After Copenhagen: Bringing Personal Carbon Trading Home, Peter Doran
19. Justice and Sustainable Development: Compatibility or Conflict? A Scottish Case Study, Ole Pedersen, Aylwin Pillai and Anne-Michelle Slater
20. Sustainable Development Indicators and a Putative Argument for Law: A Case Study of the UK, Andrea Ross

A Concluding Comment
21. Reassessing and Redefining the Principle of Economic Sovereignty of States, Surya P. Subedi
Students, academics and policy-makers concerned with the international legal implications of sustainable development, economic and environmental law and national approaches to these issues.