Regional Sub-State Diplomacy Today

Regional sub-state diplomacy has come of age. No longer limited to federal states in Europe, today sub-state entities across the world engage in international relations, and conduct a “foreign policy” parallel to, complementary to or sometimes in conflict with their central governmental counterparts. Since the late 1990s, the spectrum of diplomatic instruments and the strategies that accompany them have become more diverse and complex. Regional Sub-State Diplomacy Today offers detailed and recent data on the nature, width and complexity of regions engaging in international relations. It includes cases from all over the world. Next to comparative empirical studies, Regional Sub-State Diplomacy Today also offers original theoretical perspectives on the multi-faceted dimensions of regional sub-state diplomacy. It is ideal for both students and practitioners of sub-state diplomacy.

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David Criekemans, Ph.D. (2005) in International Relations, University of Antwerp, is Assistant Professor in Belgian and Comparative Foreign Policy at the University of Antwerp and Senior Researcher at the Flemish Centre for International Policy in Antwerp.
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Contributers include: Noé Cornago, David Criekemans, Jorge A. Schiavon, Elena Albina, Ellen Huijgh, Peter Bursens, Jana Deforche, Stéphane Paquin, and Luc Van den Brande.
All those interested in diplomacy, regionalism, federalism and comparative foreign policy, whether from an academic point of view or from the viewpoint of the practitioner of sub-state diplomacy.
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