Studies in the History of Culture and Science

A Tribute to Gad Freudenthal


An hommage to Gad Freudenthal, this volume offers twenty-two chapters on the history of science and the role of science in Jewish cultures. Written by outstanding scholars from all over the world it is a token of appreciation for Freudenthal's accomplishments in this discipline.

The chapters in this volume include editions and translations of source texts in different languages and focus on topics that reflect the problématiques Gad Freudenthal often tackled in his own research: aspects of knowledge transfer, translation processes and the appropriation of knowledge from one culture to another. They are contributions to a better understanding of the cross-cultural contacts in the field of science between Jews, Muslim and Christians in the Middle Ages and early modern times.
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Biographical Note

Resianne Fontaine is University Lecturer at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Dept of Hebrew and Jewish Studies.Her fields of research are medieval Jewish philosophy and the history of science in medieval Judaism. She has edited Samuel ibn Tibbon's Hebrew version of Aristotle's Meteorology. She currently prepares an edition of parts of the Midrash ha-Hokhmah.

Ruth Glasner, is Professor of history of science at the Hebrew University and specialist in ancient and medieval science. She is especially interested in the genre of the philosophical-scientific commentary. She published a book Averroes' Physics (2009), and a book in Hebrew A Fourteenth-Century Scientific Philosophical Controversy (1998). She is preparing a book on Gersonides.

Reimund Leicht, is Senior Lecturer for Jewish Thought and History of Sciences at the Hebrew University Jerusalem. He has published on subjects related to Jewish cultural history in late Antiquity, on Jewish Philosophy and Science in the Middle Ages and on Johannes Reuchlin, including Verzeichnis der Hebraica in der Bibliothek Johannes Reuchlins (2005, with v. Abel) and Astrologumena Judaica (2006).

Giuseppe Veltri, is Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Halle-Wittenberg and Director of the Zunz Centre (Halle). He has published widely in the subjects of hermeneutics and philosophy including Gegenwart der Tradition (2002), Cultural Intermediaries (2004 with D. Ruderman); Libraries, Translation and 'Canonic texts' (2006); The Jewish Body (2008, with M. Diemling); Renaissance Philosophy in Jewish Garb (2009).

Table of contents

Texts: Editions, Translations, and Commentaries
Roshdi Rashed, Le pseudo al-Ḥasan ibn al-Hayṯam: sur l’asymptote
Charles Burnett, Al-Qabīsī’s Introduction to Astrology: from Courtly Entertainment to University Textbook
Y. Tzvi Langermann, A Different Hue to Medieval Jewish Philosophy: Four Investigations into an Unstudied Philosophical Text
Mauro Zonta, Aristotle’s De anima and De generatione et corruptione in the Medieval Hebrew Tradition: New Details Regarding Textual History Coming from a Neglected Manuscript
Tony Lévy, La mesure du cercle d’Archimède au moyen age : le témoignage des textes hébreux
Paul B. Fenton, Un traité judéo-arabe sur les vertus du tabac rédigé dans la main du Šayḫ Sufī ‘Abd al-Ġani an-Nabulusī
Herbert A. Davidson, Maimonides and Samuel Ben Ali
Josep Puig Montada, Ibn Rušd and the Almohad Context
Carlos Fraenkel, Legislating Truth: Maimonides, the Almohads and the Thirteenth-Century Jewish Enlightenment
Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, The Money language: Latin and Hebrew in Jewish Legal Contracts from Medieval England
Reimund Leicht, Naḥmanides on Necromancy
Resianne Fontaine, The First Survey of the Metaphysics in Hebrew
Hagar Kahana-Smilansky, Solomon ben Moses Melguiri and the Transmission of Knowledge from Latin into Hebrew
Sara Klein-Braslavy, Dialectic in Gersonides’ Biblical Commentaries
José Luis Mancha, Demonstrative Astronomy: Notes on Levi ben Geršom’s answer to Guide II.24
Warren Zev Harvey, Nicole Oresme and Ḥasdai Crescas on Many Worlds
Ruth Glasner, The Peculiar History of Aristotelianism among Spanish Jews
Early Modern Cultural History and Historiography
Bernard R. Goldstein and Giora Hon, Duhem’s Continuity Thesis: The Intrusion of Ideology into History of Science
Gideon Freudenthal, Enlightenment in Gold
Shlomo Berger, A Bestseller in Context: Referring to the Tsene Rene in Early Modern Yiddish Books
Charles Manekin, On Humanist Logic Judaized—Then and Now: Two Models for the Appropriation of Gentile Science
Irene E. Zwiep, Hebrew “Sociolinguistics”


All those interested in intellectual history, the history of science, Judaism, medieval history of philosophy, philologists, theologians, and specialists in Hebraic and Islamic Studies.

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