Legal Migration to the European Union


This book provides a comprehensive analysis of EU legislation in the area of legal migration. Five Directives on family reunification, long-term residence, students, researchers and highly qualified migrants are critically assessed. Moreover, the implementation of the Directives in three Member States (Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden) and national legislation in two Member States with an opt-out from EU migration law (the UK and Netherlands) are assessed. This includes national rules on the integration of third-country nationals and access to citizenship. The book calls into question the compliance of several European and national provisions with EU principles of law and international human rights.
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Biographical Note

Anja Wiesbrock is Assistant Professor at the Department of International and European Law of Maastricht University. She has previously published in the areas of migration, integration and nationality law.

Review Quotes

"The book is a welcome addition to the literature on EU migration law and will deservedly attract academics and practitioners who would like to know more about this area." – Diego Acosta Arcarazo, Common Market Law Review 49, Issue 2 (2012)

Table of contents

List of Abbreviations; Acknowledgments; Introduction;
1. Migration to Europe and Five EU Member States: Historical and Political Overview;
2. The Community Acquis on Legal Migration of Third-Country Nationals;
3. Migration and Integration in the Context of EU Principles of Law and International Law;
4. The Directives on Legal Migration of Third-Country Nationals;
5. The Implementation of Four Directives on Legal Migration of Third-Country Nationals;
6. Corresponding Provisions on Legal Migration in Member States with an Opt-Out;
7. Measures on Labour Migration and National Legislation;
8. Integration Measures;
9. EU and National Migration and Integration Law under Legal Scrutiny;
10.Conclusions and Policy Recommendations;
Epilogue; Samenvatting/Zusamenfassung; Bibliography.


Scholars, policymakers, legal practitioners and students in the field of EU and national migration, integration and nationality law.


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