Institutions of Education: Then and Today

The Legacy of German Idealism


Editor: Paul Cobben
The theme of “Institutions of Education: then and today” not only corresponds with the basic questions raised in German Idealism, but is also central to the question of whether it is legitimate to study German Idealism in our era. Elaborating on this project immediately raises the problem of institutional differentiation, which characterizes multicultural society. Does the variety of educational institutions not, by definition, exclude the shared conception and realization of adulthood that is presupposed by German Idealism? This book shows that German Idealism can still participate in the contemporary debate on education: it is not only helpful in raising relevant questions, but can also be transformed into positions which can deal with the pluriformity that characterizes contemporary society.
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Biographical Note

Paul G. Cobben, Ph.D. (1988) in Philosophy, University of Amsterdam, is Professor of Philosophy at Tilburg University. He has published extensively on Hegel and his actual meaning including The Nature of the Self. Recognition in the Form of Right and Morality (De Gruyter, 2009).

Table of contents

Institutions of Education: then and today
Paul Cobben

What is “desirable in relation to our whole state”? An approach to the educational goals of Kant’s first Critique
Sasa Josifovic

Gottsched’s Noble Lie. Moral Weeklies and the Educational Autonomy of Women
Matt Hettche

The actual meaning of Hegel’s concept of education
Paul Cobben

Struggle for Recognition, Ethics of Recognition, Loss of Recognition
Jean-Christophe Merle

Recognition of individuals and cultures
Ludwig Siep

Globalization and the culture of education
Ad Verbrugge

Institutional autonomy and political vocation of the University. Which model of the ‘Republic of Scholars’? (Kant, Humboldt, Fichte)
Quentin Landenne

Is it still possible to recover Fichte’s reflexions about education? Notes on Fichte’s Aphorisms on Education (1804)
Emiliano Acosta

Education, Identity, Integrity. Hegel’s socio-cultural Model of individuality from the perspective of his conception of modern civil society
Erzsébet Rózsa

Education in the multicultural society. The search for a ‘second family’
Paul Cobben

Being One’s Own Self in a Fragmented Life. On the Problems of the Classical Ideals of Bildung under the Conditions of Current Social Reality
Rainer Adolphi


All those interested in German Idealism, the concept of Education and the institututions of Education, (especially the university), as well as philosophers and philosophy students who concentrate on emancipation, adulthood, education and the corresponding institutional framework.


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