Arms and the Man

Military History Essays in Honor of Dennis Showalter


Volume Editor: Michael S. Neiberg
These essays honor Dennis Showalter, a pioneer in the field of military history and a mentor to an entire generation of scholars. The essays themselves are written by some of the best-known and most highly-respected scholars in the field. They span the globe and cover a wide range of military history topics from the ancient world to the present day. As a group, this book represents not only a collection in honor of a great scholar, but a collection of some of the highest-quality cutting-edge scholarship in the field today. It will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand the history of warfare.
Contributors are William J. Astore, Mary Kathryn Barbier, Jeremy Black, Robert M. Citino, Kelly DeVries, Richard L. DiNardo, Robert A. Doughty, Holger H. Herwig, Eugenia C. Kiesling, Robert McJimsey, Michael S. Neiberg and Dennis Showalter.

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Michael S. Neiberg, Ph.D. (1996 ) in History, Carnegie-Mellon University, is Professor of History at University of Southern Mississippi. He has wide-ranging publications on World War I, most notably Fighting the Great War: A Global History (Harvard, 2005).
List of Contributors ...vii

Introduction ... 1
Michael S. Neiberg

1. Loving the German War Machine: America’s Infatuation with Blitzkrieg, Warfighters, and Militarism ... 5
2. William J. Astore
3. ‘Clash of the Titans’: Law vs Security in World War II Britain ... 31
4. Mary Kathryn Barbier
5. Military Cultures, Military Histories and the Current Emergency ... 63
6. Jeremy Black
7. Manstein, the Battle of Kharkov, and the Limits of Command ... 83
8. Robert M. Citino
9. Th e Question of Medieval Military Professionalism ... 113
10. Kelly DeVries
11. Modern Soldier in a Busby: August von Mackensen, 1914–1916 ... 131
12. Richard L. DiNardo
13. Winning and Losing: France on the Marne and on the Meuse ... 169
14. Robert A. Doughty
15. Th e Forgotten Campaign: Alsace-Lorraine August 1914 ... 193
16. Holger H. Herwig
17. “Total War, Total Nonsense” or “Th e Military Historian’s Fetish” ... 215
18. Eugenia C. Kiesling
19. England’s “Descent” on France and the Origins of Blue-water Strategy ... 243
20. Robert McJimsey

Conclusion ... 259
Dennis Showalter

List of Books by Dennis Showalter ...267
Select Bibliography ...269
Index ...273
Readership will include scholars in the field of military history, including professors and graduate students, who study a full range of time periods and topics.