Double Standards Pertaining to Minority Protection


Editor: Kristin Henrard
While allegations of double standards are mostly voiced in relation to the EU, this book takes a multidimensional approach to the use of differential standards concerning minorities and minority protection. Not only do academics from different disciplines contribute to the volume but the multidimensionality also resides in the fact that several international organisations active in the field of minority protection are included in the analysis. Furthermore differential standards are also discussed in relation to the (ongoing debate about the status and rights of) ‘new’ minorities. Finally, the challenge of protecting minorities and other vulnerable groups within minorities is addressed. In the process the book revisits the fundamental tenets of minority protection as well as the basic rational of the international organisations concerned.
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Biographical Note

Kristin Henrard is Professor minority protection at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR) as well as associate professor Constitutional Law. She teaches human rights, comparative human rights, minority protection and introduction to public law. Her main publications pertain to the areas of human rights and minority protection.

Table of contents

Foreword: Introduction to the new Series on Minority and Group Rights
Table of contents short version; Table of contents extended version; Notes on contributors; Introduction;
Part I Institutional Focus
‘The EU, Double Standards and Minority Protection’: A Double Redefinition and Future Prospects’ Kristin Henrard;
‘The Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities and the Law of the European Union’ Olivier de Schutter;
‘Are some States and minorities more equal than others? Double standards and the work of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities’ Natalie Sabanadze and Vincent de Graaf;
‘Reducing the Risk of Differential Standards in Minority Protection : The Holistic Approach of the UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues’ Anna Meijnknecht;
Part II Old v new minorities and minorities within minorities ‘The rights of ‘new’ minorities: scope and restrictions’ Asbjorn Eide;
‘Changing Paradigms in the Traditional Dichotomy of Old and New Minorities’ Robberta Medda-Windischer;
‘Rationalizing the differentiations between ‘new’ and ‘old’ minorities? The role of the margin of appreciation doctrine in determining the scope of protection of minority rights’ Yutaka Arai-Takahashi;
‘Do vulnerable groups within ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities need special rights?’ Clive Baldwin;
‘Standards to eliminate compounded discrimination: the case of the intersectionality of ‘minorities within minorities’ or why universal legal standards must engage with the concept of culture’ Tove H Malloy;


Specialists, students, personnel of international organisations working on minority issues. Of course also
academic libraries. Minority organisations could also be interested.


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