Pictish Progress

New Studies on Northern Britain in the Early Middle Ages


This publication is the culmination of an extended programme of conferences that have sought to mark the contribution of F. T. Wainwright to Pictish studies and, in particular, the 50th anniversary of The Problem of the Picts. The book is firmly in the tradition of interdisciplinary scholarship Wainwright did so much to promote and brings together much fresh thinking on the archaeological, art-historical, place name and historical understanding of Northern Britain in the second half of the first millennium AD. Within a wider, European framework it addresses questions of landscape, material culture and mentalities, revealing some of the different strategies by which the Picts made their world. All the studies are accessibly presented to serve the interests of students, teachers and anyone interested in the roots of European civilisation.
Contributors are Barbara E. Crawford, Nicholas Evans, Iain Fraser, James Fraser, Meggen Gondek, Stratford Halliday, Andrew Heald, Kellie Meyer, Gordon Noble, Robert D. Stevick, Simon Taylor and Sarah Winlow.
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Biographical Note

Stephen T. Driscoll, Ph.D. (1987) University of Glasgow, is Professor of Historical Arcaheology at Glasgow. He has excavated extensively in Pictland (Dunottar Castle and Urquhart Castle, Easter Kinnear and Forteviot), and more widely in Scotland (Edinburgh Castle, Glasgow Cathedral and Govan).
Jane Geddes, Ph.D. (1978) Courtauld Institute, is Professor of Art History at Aberdeen University. She has published extensively on medieval art, including decorative ironwork and the St Albans Psalter.
Mark A. Hall, History Officer, Perth Museum & Art Gallery, Perth, Scotland, is a museum archaeologist and has published widely on medieval material culture (particularly board games and Pictish sculpture), the cult of saints and cinematic portrayals of museums, archaeology and the medieval past.

Table of contents

Foreword .. vii
Stephen T. Driscoll, Jane Geddes and Mark A. Hall

List of Contributors .. xi
List of Figures .. xiii
List of Tables .. xvii
Maps: 1. A cultural geography of northern Britain in the seventh century .. xviii
2. Places mentioned in the text .. xix

F. T. Wainwright and The Problem of the Picts .. 3
Barbara E. Crawford

From Ancient Scythia to The Problem of the Picts: Thoughts on the Quest for Pictish Origins .. 15
James E. Fraser
Ideology, Literacy and Matriliny: Approaches to Medieval Texts on the Pictish Past .. 45
Nicholas Evans
Pictish Place-names Revisited .. 67
Simon Taylor

The Problems of Pictish Art, 1955–2009 .. 121
Jane Geddes
Tales from Beyond the Pict: Sculpture and its Uses in and around Forteviot, Perthshire from the Ninth Century Onwards .. 135
Mark A. Hall
Saints, Scrolls and Serpents: Theorising a Pictish Liturgy on the Tarbat Peninsula .. 169
Kellie Meyer
The Forms of Two Crosses on Pictish Cross-slabs: Rossie Priory, Perthshire and Glamis no. 2 .. 201
Robert D. Stevick
The Interpretation of Non-ferrous Metalworking in Early Historic Scotland .. 221
Andrew Heald

Pictish Archaeology: Persistent Problems and Structural Solutions .. 245
Stephen T. Driscoll
Together as One: The Landscape of the Symbol Stones at Rhynie, Aberdeenshire .. 281
Meggen Gondek and Gordon Noble
The Early Medieval Landscape of Donside, Aberdeenshire .. 307
Iain Fraser and Stratford Halliday
A Review of Pictish Burial Practices in Tayside and Fife .. 335
Sarah Winlow

Index .. 371


All those interested in early medieval Scotland - end of Roman Britain through the Viking Age. All those interested in early medieval Scotland, the Picts, archaeology of northern Europe, Insular Art, early liturgy, early metalworking, early medieval sculpture, the cult of saints, cultural biography.


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