Crossing Boundaries

Investigating Human-Animal Relationships


Editors: Lynda Birke and Jo Hockenhull
Many people feel strong bonds with nonhuman animals, and these relationships are central to much emerging scholarship in human-animal studies. Yet to study relationships is not straightforward; research often focuses on how humans affect animals or vice versa rather than on the relationships themselves. Partly, this is a consequence of the history of disciplinary divisions, particularly between natural and social sciences. In this book, contributors from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds reflect on the methodological challenges they face, and how they go about studying relationships between people and animals. The book provides fascinating insights into how research on human-animal relationships can rise to the challenges of interdisciplinarity, and help us to understand the animals with whom we bond.

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Biographical Note
Lynda Birke, is Visiting Professor, Anthrozoology, University of Chester. She was trained in biology (animal behaviour), but has also done interdisciplinary work, especially in human-animal studies. Her most recent book (co-authored) is The Sacrifice: How scientific experiments transform animals and people (Purdue University Press, 2007)

Jo Hockenhull, Ph.D. (2010) in Equine Welfare, University of Liverpool, is a research assistant in the Animal Welfare and Behaviour Group at the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Sciences.
Table of contents
Contributors include: Nicola Taylor, Henry Buller, Marc Higgin, Diane Dutton, Sue Dawson, Pär Segerdahl, József Topál and Márta Gácsi, Gabriella Lakatos and Ádam Miklósi, Mette Miriam Böll and Françoise Wemelsfelder.
Those interested in exploring human-animal relationships and learning more about the methodology used by a range of disciplines to better understand them.
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