Studies in the Book of Wisdom


The volume publishes papers delivered at the International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books (Pápa, Hungary). This conference dealt with the Book of Wisdom. As such, this was one of the most extended discussions of the Book of Wisdom that has ever taken place at a scholarly meeting. The volume contains articles on the traditions and theology of the Book of Wisdom, and demonstrates its relationship with the contemporary literature of early Judaism and Middle Platonic thought.

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Géza G. Xeravits, PhD (2002) in Theology, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Bible, Sapientia College of Theology, Budapest.

József Zsengellér, PhD (1998) in Theology, University of Utrecht, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Biblical Theology, Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Budapest.
Matthew Goff, Adam, the Angels and Eternal Life: Genesis 1‐3 in the Wisdom of Solomon and 4QInstruction

Michael Kolarcik, S.J., Sapiential Values and Apocalyptic Imagery in the Wisdom of Solomon

Luca Mazzinghi, Law of Nature and Light of the Law in the Book of Wisdom (Wis 18:4c)

Moyna McGlynn, Solomon, Wisdom and the Philosopher‐Kings

Tobias Nicklas, “Food of Angels” (Wis 16:20)

Angelo Passaro, Cosmology and Music Wis 19:18 and the Concept of Creation in the Book of Wisdom

Friedrich V. Reiterer, Philosophische Lehre und deren Wirkung aus der Sicht eines Weisheitslehrers. Untersuchung von Weish 1:1‐15

Greg Schmidt Goering, Election and Knowledge in the Wisdom of Solomon

Stefan Schorch, Jacob’s Ladder and Aaron’s Vestments Traces of Mystical and Magical Traditions in the Book of Wisdom

József Zsengellér, “The Taste of Paradise” Interpretation of Exodus and Manna in the Book of Wisdom

All those interested in Biblical theology, especially late Biblical wisdom literature, literature of Early Judaism, influence of Middle Platonism.
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