The Reform of Governance


Editor: Keping Yu
The Reform of Governance is a translated collection of articles providing a look at how scholars in China have been assessing their country's recent governmental history. This volume, as well as the others in the SSRC series, provides Western scholars with an accessible English-language look at the state of current Chinese scholarship, and as such, does not simply provide information for the direct study of economic issues, but also for meta-level analysis of the interplay of China's policy, scholarship, and economy. Specifc topics include democratic reforms, electoral rules, accountability and social welfare.
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Table of contents

Chapter 1 30 Years of China’s Governance Reform (1978 to 2008)
Yu Keping
Chapter 2 China’s Democratic Elections: Breadth and Depth
Huang Weiping, Chen Jiaxi
Chapter 3 Citizen Participation and China’s Governance Reforms
Yang Guangbin
Chapter 4 Towards Good Government Thirty Years of Administrative Reforms in China Zhou Guanghui
Chapter 5 Evolution of China’s Social Policy
Yang Tuan
Chapter 6 Governance According to Law
Cai Dingjian
Chapter 7 Accountability of Government
Yang Xuedong
Chapter 8 Thirty Years of Public Services
Jiang Xiaoping
Chapter 9 Political Transparency: Fostering Democracy and Trust
Lin Shangli
Chapter 10 Overseeing Power
He Zengke


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