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Trust, as Simmel noted, is a hypothesis regarding future behavior that is certain enough to serve as a basis for practical conduct. To trust another person (or collectivity or institution) is intermediate between knowledge and ignorance. Simmel was one of many social scientists (e.g., Tonnies, Durkheim, Parsons) who have contended that trust is one of the most important integrative forces within society. Modernization and its attendant social isolation, in the face of massive global changes, underscore the need to reexamine trust in all its multivariate and multidisciplinary character. This anthology presents twelve studies of trust. Some are conceptual, theoretical analyses, while others use historical data on societies, national surveys or cross-national comparative studies to test hypotheses.
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Biographical Note

Masamichi Sasaki, Ph.D. (1980), Sociology, Princeton University; Professor of Sociology, Chuo University, Tokyo; Past President of International Institute of Sociology 1997-2001; Founding Editor of Comparative Sociology. Recent Publications: (ed.) Elites: New Comparative Perspectives (Brill, 2008) and (ed.) New Frontiers in Comparative Sociology (Brill, 2009).

Robert M. Marsh, Ph.D. (1959), Sociology, Columbia University, Professor of Sociology at Brown University. His earlier books have included Comparative Sociology: A Codification of Cross-Societal Analysis (Harcourt, Brace
and World 1967) and The Great Transformation: Social Change in Taipei, Taiwan Since the 1960s (Sharpe 1996).

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List of Contributors

Introduction Masamichi Sasaki and Robert M. Marsh

The Dynamics of Trust: Communication, Action and Third Parties Bart Nooteboom

Structures of Trust: Britain and Russia Compared Geoffrey Hosking

Trust, Diversity, and Segregation in the United States and the United Kingdom Eric M. Uslaner

Distrust and Mistrust in a High Trust Environment Morten Frederiksen

Trusting Others—How Parents Shape the Generalized Trust of Their Children Dietlind Stolle and Laura Nishikawa

Pragmatic Trust in a World of Strangers: Trustworthy Actions Andrew J. Weigert

Trust, Tolerance and the Challenge of Difference Adam B. Seligman

Trust: acceptance of, precaution against and cause of vulnerability Misztal

Trust Working in Interpersonal Relationships: A Comparative Cultural Perspective with a Focus on East Asian Culture Gyuseog Han and Sang-Chin Choi

Self at the Heart of Trust: The Global Relevance of an Interactionist: Understanding of Trust as a Form of Association
Linda R. Weber

Reconstruction of Trust on a Cultural Manifold: Sense of Trust in Longitudinal and Cross-national Surveys of National Character Ryozo Yoshino

Cross-National Studies of Trust among Seven Nations Masamichi Sasaki



All those interested in sociology, psychology, economics, as well as political science and philosophy.

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