The Story of the New Testament Text

Movers, Materials, Motives, Methods, and Models


This volume tells the story of the New Testament text from the earliest copies to the latest scholarly editions in Greek. Using a cross-sectional approach, the author introduces those who have developed the discipline of New Testament textual criticism (the movers); the ancient sources for recovering the text (the materials); the aims that drove them (the motives); the criteria and techniques (methods); and the books and other examples of best practices (the models) of New Testament textual criticism. Written primarily for seminary students, the book will also interest clergy and graduate students in biblical studies, theology, church history, and religion.
Robert F. Hull Jr. is the recently retired Dean and Professor of New Testament at Emmanuel School of Religion in Johnson City, Tennessee. He has written on New Testament textual criticism, Christian identity in the Greco-Roman world, and biblical theology.
Introduction: Getting Hooked on Textual Criticism
1. Paul and Luke Become Published Authors
2. The Precritical Age
3. The Age of Collecting, Collating, and Classifying
4. The Age of Optimism: Th e New Testament in the Original Greek
5. The Age of Optimism (Continued): Materials, Methods, Motives, and Models
6. The Age of the Papyri: A Harvest of Riches
7. The Age of Consensus, the Age of Doubt
8. New Directions: Expanding the Goals of Textual Criticism
9. Reassessing the Discipline

Index of Biblical Citations
Index of Persons
Index of Subjects