From Two Kingdoms To One Nation - Israel and Judah

Studies in Division and Unification


How did two separate peoples become one? All the signs are that the creation of a unified Israelite kingdom under King David had failed to erase the differences between the Northern and Southern tribes. This book sets out to highlight these essential differences between Judah and Israel as they appear in various parts of biblical literature. Each of the four chapters of the book focuses on a different aspect of evidence. The first studies the prophet narratives, to elicit the differences between Northern and Southern prophets. The second chapter examines the differences between the Jacob narratives, which are based on mostly Northern traditions, and the Abraham narratives. The third chapter deals with the evidence of traditions: the Exodus tradition, which is essentially Northern, versus that of Zion and the House of David. The final chapter relates the reunification to the initiative of King Hezekiah.

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Shamai Gelander Ph.D. (1985) in Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University, is senior lecturer (emeritus), still teaching in Haifa University and the Academic College Yezreel. He has published extensively on biblical narrative and theology including The Good Creator (Scolars 1997), The Kingdom of David. David and His God (Simor 1991) and The Book of Genesis (The Open University 2009).


All those interested in biblical history and religion and in the art of biblical narrative, as well as students and teachers in all stages of biblical studies.

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