China's Education Development and Policy, 1978-2008


Editor: Xiulan Zhang
China’s Education Development and Policy, 1978-2008 is translated from the original Chinese version and presents the current assessment of the changes to the educational system in China and how those changes have been perceived during the past thirty years. This volume and the others in the SSRC series, provide western scholars with an accessible English language look at the state of current scholarship in China, and as such, does not simply provide information for the direct study of socio-political issues, but also for meta-level analysis of how the domestic scholarship in China is developing and assessing the interplay of the country's political and economic reforms with the society and daily life of its people.

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Table of contents

Introduction: Establishing a New Policy-Making Mechanism and Actualizing the Transformation of the Policy-Making Models: Reflections on How to Build a Modern People-Oriented National Education System
Zhang Xiulan, Hu Xiaojiang, and Qu Zhiyong
Chapter One: From Welfare to Socialization: A Review of Early Childhood Care and Educational Policies in China
Zhang Ying, Zhou Peiran, and Zhang Qiujie
Chapter Two: Policies on China’s Basic Education over the Last Thirty Years
Chai Chunqing and Cheng Gang
Chapter Three: Thirty Years of Special Education in China: Policy Construction of the Modern Special Education System
Zhao Xiaohong, Tang Min, and Chen Jiao
Chapter Four: Compulsory Education of Migrant Children: Problems and Policy Reaction, from the Angle of Equity
Qu Zhiyong and Wang Li
Chapter Five: An Overview of Studies in Vocational Education Policy in China over the Past Thirty Years
He Zhen, Wang Qiu, Zhang Mei, and Cui Jian
Chapter Six: Chinese Higher Education during the Past 30 Years: The Transformation of Public Policy
Yang Dongping
Chapter Seven: A Review and Analysis of Ethnic Minority Education Policies in China over the Past Thirty Years
Chen Lipeng, Liu Yanqing, Hao Xiaoming, Kong Wei, Ma Ming, and Su Yang
Chapter Eight: The Report of China Private Education Policy Development
Wu Hua and Wen Dai

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