Methods and Methodologies

Aristotelian Logic East and West, 500-1500


Methods and Methodologies explores two questions about studying the Aristotelian tradition of logic. The first, addressed by the chapters on methods in the first half of the book, is directly about the medieval logical commentaries, treatises and handbooks. How did medieval authors in the different traditions, Latin and Arabic, go about their work on Aristotelian logic? In particular, how did they themselves conceive the relationship between logic and other branches of philosophy and disciplines outside philosophy? The second question is about methodologies, the subject of the chapters in the second half of the book: it invites writers to reflect on their own and their colleagues’ practice as twenty-first century interpreters of this medieval writing on Aristotelian logic.
Contributors are Sten Ebbesen, Christopher J. Martin, Christophe Erismann, Andrew Arlig, Simo Knuuttila, Amos Bertolacci, Jennifer Ashworth, Paul Thom, Gyula Klima, Matteo di Giovanni and Margaret Cameron.
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Biographical Note

Margaret Cameron, Ph.D. (2005) in Philosophy, University of Toronto, is Research Council Chair and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Victoria.
John Marenbon, Ph.D (1979), Trinity College, University of Cambridge, is a Senior Research Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge and Honorary Professor of Medieval Philosophy in the University of Cambridge.

Table of contents

List of Contributors .. vii
Preface .. xi
Methods and Methodologies: An Introduction .. 1
Margaret Cameron

The ‘Ontologization’ of Logic. Metaphysical Themes in Avicenna’s Reworking of the Organon .. 27
Amos Bertolacci
Averroes and the Logical Status of Metaphysics .. 53
Matteo di Giovanni
Non Est Natura Sine Persona. The Issue of Uninstantiated Universals from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages .. 75
Christophe Erismann
What Counted as Logic in the Thirteenth Century? .. 93
Sten Ebbesen
Two Summulae, Two Ways of Doing Logic: Peter of Spain’s ‘Realism’ and John Buridan’s ‘Nominalism’ .. 109
Gyula Klima
The Scope of Logic: Soto and Fonseca on Dialectic and Informal Arguments .. 127
E. Jennifer Ashworth

Interpreting Medieval Logic and in Medieval Logic .. 149
Simo Knuuttila
Is There a Medieval Mereology? .. 161
Andrew Arlig
On Formalizing the Logics of the Past .. 191
Paul Thom
De Interpretatione 5–8: Aristotle, Boethius, and Abaelard on Propositionality .. 207
Christopher J. Martin

Bibliography .. 229
Index .. 241


All those interested in the history of philosophy, mainly ancient and medieval philosophy (both European and Arabic), logic, language and metaphysics, especially those interested in the comparison between contemporary and medieval logical topics and methods.


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