School Music Education and Social Change in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan


This book examines recent reforms and innovations in school music education within the changing societies of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. These three regions share a common historical culture but have had diverse socio-political experiences. Whilst some musical knowledge is common to all three, some is particular to one or two and depends on their responses to globalization, localization and national identity. This book aims to compare how music education in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei has adjusted to the forces of globalization, localization and Sinofication. It contributes significantly to thinking about education reforms in response to this tripartite paradigm with respect to not only Chinese communities but also to the Asia-Pacific Region as a whole.
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Wai-chung Ho, who holds a Ph.D (1996) in Music Education from the Institute of Education, University of London, is Professor of Music Education at Hong Kong Baptist University. She has published extensively in top-ranking journals including the British Journal of Music Education and Music Education Research.


All those interested in music education, cultural studies, the humanities, as well as comparative education.

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