Spaces of Justice in the Roman World


Despite the crucial role played by both law and architecture in ancient Rome, the Romans never developed a type of building that was specifically and exclusively reserved for the administration of justice: courthouses did not exist in Roman antiquity. The present volume addresses this apparent paradox by investigating the spatial settings of Roman judicial practices from a variety of perspectives. Scholars of law, topography, architecture, political history, and literature concur in putting Roman judicature back into its concrete physical context, exploring how the exercise of law interacted with the environment in which it took place, and how the spaces charactarized by this interaction were perceived by the ancients themselves. The result is a fresh view on a key aspect of Roman culture.


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Biographical Note

Francesco de Angelis (Ph.D. Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, 2003) is Associate Professor of Roman Art and Archaeology at Columbia University, New York. He has published on several topics in the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan field, including monuments and cultural memory, the iconographic tradition of myth, ancient art criticism. Contributors include: Jean-Jacques Aubert, Leanne Bablitz, John Bodel, Livia Capponi, Francesco de Angelis, Bruce Frier, Eric Kondratieff, Marco Maiuro, Ernest Metzger, Richard Neudecker, Saundra Schwartz, Kaius Tuori

Review Quotes

" Nel complesso si tratta di un’opera utile e interessante, tanto per gli studiosi del diritto romano, quanto per specialisti di altre discipline riguardanti la romanità." Lorenzo Gagliardi in BMRC, 14.2.2013

Table of contents

List of Illustrations List of Abbreviations List of Contributors Preface Ius and Space: An Introduction Francesco de Angelis Civil Procedure in Classical Rome: Having an Audience with the Magistrate Ernest Metzger A Place for Jurists in the Spaces of Justice? Kaius Tuori Finding a Place for Law in the High Empire: Tacitus, Dialogus 39.1–4 Bruce Frier The Urban Praetor’s Tribunal in the Roman Republic Eric Kondratieff The Emperor’s Justice and its Spaces in Rome and Italy Francesco de Angelis The Forum of Augustus in Rome: Law and Order in Sacred Spaces Richard Neudecker What Was the Forum Iulium Used for? The Fiscus and its Jurisdiction in First-Century ce Rome Marco Maiuro A Relief, Some Letters and the Centumviral Court Leanne Bablitz Spaces of Justice in Roman Egypt Livia Capponi The Setting and Staging of Christian Trials Jean-Jacques Aubert Kangaroo Courts: Displaced Justice in the Roman Novel John Bodel Chronotopes of Justice in the Greek Novel: Trials in Narrative Spaces Saundra Schwartz Bibliography Index of Sources Index of Names Index of Places Index of Subjects


Those interested in Roman law and institutions, and Roman topography; experts of Roman architecture, the ancient novel, martyrological literature, and Roman Egypt; philologists, archaeologists, epigraphists, political and cultural historians