Llawysgrif Pomffred

An Edition and Study of Peniarth MS 259B


Llawysgrif Pomffred presents for the first time an edition of an overlooked Welsh law manuscript, Peniarth 259B. This is an important and groundbreaking edition which will contribute to our understanding of the relationship and development of the Welsh law texts. The manuscript contains a law text of the Cyfnerth redaction, seen to be the earliest of the Welsh law redactions, and it also has a lengthy tail of additional material which is largely practical in nature, and seems to reflect the legal situation in the March of Wales, with English and Welsh legal customs being mixed. The manuscript may have been given to a certain Einion ab Adda whilst he was in prison in Pontefract.
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Biographical Note

Sara Elin Roberts, D.Phil (Oxon) (2001), is a lecturer at Bangor University. She has published extensively on medieval Welsh law, and medieval Welsh literature in general, including her important study of the legal triads, The Legal Triads of Medieval Wales.

Review Quotes

“…Roberts' book is a significant contribution, both to advancing understanding of the complexities of medieval Welsh law for specialists and to explaining this subject to those who are not specialists... Roberts has organized her text and translation so that each of the 2,292 sentences is labeled with a superscript number, allowing for very precise citation by sentence in her introduction, notes, and indices. The notes comment in very readable prose on various sections of the text and also provide clear definitions for many of the specialized Welsh-language legal terms... Roberts is a fine young scholar, best known for her edition of medieval Welsh legal triads that appeared in 2007. … this is a well-written and thoughtful book which will be useful to scholars who do not know Welsh.”
Frederick Suppe, Ball State University, The Medieval Review 11.11.29

Table of contents

Diolchiadau... ix

Introduction... 1

MedievalWelsh Law... 1
The Cyfnerth Redaction... 6
Note on the Origin of ThisWork... 9
The Manuscript... 10
Significance of the Manuscript... 21
The Tail of Z... 23
Conclusions... 41

This Edition... 43
Conspectus... 47
Text and Translation... 67
Notes... 277

Bibliography... 353
Index... 359
Index to the Notes... 377


Mainly a specialist text, and it will be used by anyone with a serious interest in medieval Welsh law. However it will probably appeal to scholars interested in other medieval legal traditions and historians working on medieval Wales and beyond.


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