Illuminating Moses

A History of Reception from Exodus to the Renaissance


Editor: Jane Beal
In Illuminating Moses: A History of Reception, readers discover the roles of Moses from the Exodus to the Renaissance--law-giver, prophet, writer--and their impact on Jewish and Christian cultures as seen in the Hebrew Bible, Patristic writings, Catholic liturgy, Jewish philosophy and midrashim, Anglo-Saxon literature, Scholastics and Thomas Aquinas, Middle English literature, and the Renaissance. Contributors are Jane Beal, Robert D. Miller II, Tawny Holm, Christopher A. Hall, Luciana Cuppo-Csaki, Haim Kreisel, Rachel S. Mikva, Devorah Schoenfeld, Gernot Wieland, Deborah Goodwin, Franklin T. Harkins, Gail Ivy Berlin, and Brett Foster.
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Biographical Note

Dr. Jane Beal, Ph.D. (2002), UC Davis, is an Associate Professor of English at Colorado Christian University. She is the author of John Trevisa and the English Polychronicon and co-editor of Translating the Past: Essays in Medieval Literature. See

Table of contents

Acknowledgements...vii List of Abbreviations ...xi List of Contributors...xv Introduction: Illuminating Moses from Exodus to the Renaissance ..   1 …Jane Beal The Roles of Moses in the Pentateuch ...  19 …Robert D.Miller II Moses in the Prophets and the Writings of the Hebrew Bible...  37 …Tawny Holm Moses: A Central Figure in the New Testament...  59 …Larry J.Swain Moses and the Church Fathers ...  81 …Christopher A.Hall Moses and the Paschal Liturgy...103 …Luciana Cuppo-Csaki The Prophecy of Moses in Medieval Jewish Philosophy ... 117 …Howard Kreisel Epic and Romance, Narrative and Exegesis: Moses in the Minor Midrashim... 143 …Rachel S.Mikva The Destiny of All Men”: Rabbinic and Medieval Justifications for the Death of Moses... 167 …Devorah Schoenfeld Legifer, Dux, Scriptor: Moses in Anglo-Saxon Literature ... 185 …Gernot Wieland The Biblical-Moral Moses: Type or Stereotype?... 211 …Deborah L.Goodwin Primus doctor Iudaeorum: Moses as Theological Master in the Summa theologiae of Thomas Aquinas ... 237 …Franklin T.Harkins “Like a Duck from a Falcon”: Moses in Middle English Biblical Literature, the Mystery Cycles, and Piers Plowman B ... 263 …Gail Ivy Berlin Moses and Christian Contemplative Devotion ... 305 …Jane Beal “Types and Shadows”: Uses of Moses in the Renaissance... 353 …Brett Foster Bibliography ... 407 Index... 431


All interested in Moses and his reception among Jews and Christians from the time of the Exodus to the Renaissance.