Yiyu - An Indexed Critical Edition of a Sixteenth Century Sino-Mongolian Glossary


The Yiyu (Beilu yiyu) – a Chinese-Middle Mongol glossary included in the Dengtan Bijiu (a military handbook for generals compiled during the Wanli period of the Ming dynasty) – is an important source regarding the history of the Mongolian language. The manuscript version of Yiyu is a copy made for Louis Ligeti on his first expedition to China (1928-31) and is now conserved by the Oriental Collection of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
In his edition the author reconstructs the often chaotic material of the Yiyu with the help of other available Yiyu texts. Next to its contribution in transcription and reconstruction, this work is indispensable in terms of linguistic analysis, dealing with much investigated issues of Middle Mongol (e.g. suffixes, unstable -n nouns, representation of the initial h-, loanwords in the lexicon, lack or presence of intervocalic velar fricatives etc.).
A full word index, a classical Mongolian reference wordlist and four other indexes are included in this edition as well as the facsimile photocopies of both the manuscript and a block print version of the glossary.
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Biographical Note

Ákos Bertalan Apatóczky, Ph.D. (1974), Károli University Budapest, is an Adjunct Professor at that university. A specialist of Chinese bilingual works, he has published monographs and numerous articles including Yiyu - An Indexed Critical Edition of a Sixteenth Century Sino-Mongolian Glossary (2009).

Review Quotes

The publication of this valuable work is a welcome event in Mongolian Studies. This volume will be a useful tool for all those dealing wiht the Middle Mongolian language. Ákos Apatóczky deserves praise for his thorough work. As a student of Sino-Mongolian Studies he is a worthy follower of the path of his outstanding masters, Louis Ligeti and György Kara. - Alice Sárközi

Table of contents

Preface; 1 Yiyu; 2 Some typical linguistic features of Blyy; 3 Specialities and errata of the transcription process; Transcription and reconstruction; Index of words; List of uninterpreted and problematic words; Index of transcriptive characters; Phonetic value of transcriptive characters; Index of suffixes; Index of written Mongolian Equivalents; Bibliography; Facsimile of HAS Manuscript (Oriental Collection. Mong. No. 44); Facsimile of PUL Blockprint (Shanben Tezang Yuelansh (Collection of Rare and Special Books) No.9060)


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