The Business, Life and Letters of Frederick Cornes

Aspects of the Evolution of Commerce in Modern Japan, 1861-1910

Given the scarcity of data relating to trade with Japan in this period, 1861–1910, the Cornes archive is of great significance. A complete transcript on CD forms part of this volume, which in turn is supported in Part 2 by content summaries of all the private letters and copy books. Part 1 considers the life and times of Frederick Cornes and his legacy.


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Biographical Note

Peter N. Davies is Emeritus Professor of Economic History at Liverpool University. A former President of both the International Commission for Maritime History and of the International Maritime Economic History Association, he has also served as a Visiting Professor at Musashi University, Tokyo, and at Shudo University, Hiroshima. His published works include studies of major Liverpool shipping companies and (with Tomohei Chida) of the Japanese shipping and shipbuilding industries.

Table of contents

Preface; List of Tables; List of Plates; Glossary; PART I: The Business, Life and Times of Frederick Cornes; 1 Background to Trading with Meiji Japan; 2 The Life and Career of Frederick Cornes; 3 Lasting Success of the Cornes' Enterprise; 5 The Legacy of Frederick Cornes; PART II: The Frederick Cornes Correspondence; Summaries of letters; Appendices: 1 Frederick Cornes: Abbreviated Family Tree; 2 John Corns: Summary of Will; 3 Frederick and Henrietta Cornes: Summary of Wills; 4 Frederick Cornes: Transcribed Will; 5 William Gregson Aspinall: Abbreviated Family Tree; 6 William Gregson Aspinall: Summary of Will; 7 Partners in the Cornes' Enterprise; 8 Aspinall, Cornes: Principal Trade Items, and Prices; 9 Cornes's Links with P&O; 10 Japanese Imports; Bibliography; Index


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