The History of Mongolia (3 Vols.)

A significant aspect of this work is the emphasis on source materials, including some translated from Mongolian and other languages for the first time. The source materials and other articles are all fully contextualized and situated by introductory material by the volume’s editors. This is the first work in English to bring together significant articles in Mongolian studies in one place, which will be widely welcomed by scholars and researchers in this field. This essential reference in two volumes includes works by noted scholars including Charles Bawden, Igor de Rachewiltz, David Morgan, Owen Lattimore and Caroline Humphrey. It also includes excerpts from translations of source documents, such as the works of Rashid al-Din, The Secret History of the Mongols and the Yuan Shih. In addition, more recent historical periods are covered, with material such as Batmonh’s speech that heralded Mongolia’s versions of glasnost and perestroika, as well as Baabar’s Buu Mart, a key work associated with the Democratic Revolution of 1990.

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Table of contents


PART 1: The Pre-Chinggisid Era
1. Di Cosmo, N. (1994) “Ancient Inner Asian Nomads”
2. Sima Qian. (1993) “The Account of the Xiongnu”
3. Golden, P. (2006) “The Türk Imperial Tradition in the Pre-Chinggisid Era”
4. Lattimore, O. (1963) “The Geography of Chingis Khan”

PART 2: Chinggis Khan and the Mongol Empire
5. Excerpts from The Secret History of the Mongols
6. De Rachewiltz, I. (1973) “Some Remarks on the Ideological Foundations of Chingis Khan’s Empire”
7. Schurmann, H.F. (1956) “Mongol Tributary Practices of the thirteenth century”
8. De Rachewiltz, I. (1993) “Some Reflections of Chinggis Qan’s Jasag”
9. Jackson, P. (1999) “From Ulus to Khanate: The Making of the Mongol States, c. 1220–c. 1290”
10. John of Plano Carpini. (1980) Excerpts from The Mongol Mission (Dawson ed.)
11. William of Rubruck. (1980) Excerpts from The Mongol Mission (Dawson ed.)
12. Allsen, T. (1986) “Guard and Government in the Reign of the Grand Qan Mongke”
13. Jackson, P. (1978) “The Dissolution of the Mongol Empire”
14. Dardess, J. (1972–3) “From Mongol Empire to Yüan Dynasty: Changing Forms of Imperial Rule in Mongolia and Central Asia”


PART 3: Yuan and Late Medieval Period
15. Marco Polo. (1958) “Kubilai Khan”
16. Rossabi, M. (1988) “Mismanagement and the Chinese Response”
17. Farquhar, D. (1981) “Structure and Function in Yüan Imperial Government”
18. Endicott-West, E. (1986) “Imperial Governance in Yuan Times”
19. Jamsran, L. (2004) “The Crisis of the Forty-Four Thousand”
20. Gongor. (1970) “The Twelve Tümen of the Aglag Hüree Halha Mongols”
21. Natsagdorj, Sh. and A. Ochir. (2004) “Six Tümen”
22. Elverskog, J. (2003). Excerpt from The Jewel Translucent Sutra: Altan Khan and the Mongols in the Sixteenth Century
23. Serruys, H. (1963) “Early Lamaism in Mongolia”
24. Heissig, W. (1953) “A Mongolian Source to the Lamaist Suppression of Shamanism in the 17th century”
25. Atwood, C. (2006) “Titles, Appanages, Marriages and Officials: A Comparison of Political Forms in the Zünghar and Thirteenth-Century Mongol Empires”


PART 4: The Qing Period
26. Perdue, P.C. (1996) “Military Mobilization in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century China, Russia, and Mongolia”
27. Ichinnorov, S. (2005) “The Biography of Öndör Gegeen”
28. Riasonovsky, V.A. (1965) “The Khalkha Djirum”
29. Natsagdorj, Sh. (1967) “The Economic Basis of Feudalism in Mongolia”
30. Sanjdorj. (1980) “The Spread of Trade to the Countryside”
31. Elverskog, J. (2004) “Things and the Qing: Mongol Culture in the Visual Narrative”
32. Bawden, C.R. (1967) “The Mongol Rebellion of 1756–1757”
33. Tsedev, D. (1964) “The Social and Economic Situation of the Shavi”
34. Dashbadrah, D. and J. Gerelbadrah. (2004) “The Economy of the Monasteries”
35. Pozdneyev, A.M. (1971) Excerpt from Mongolia and the Mongols
36. Rasidondug, S. and V. Veit (1975) “Document 23” Petitions
and Grievances Submitted by the People
37. Ewing T.E. (1980) “Ch’ing Policies in Outer Mongolia 1900–1911”

PART 5: Twentieth-Century Mongolia
38. Bawden, C.R. (1997) Excerpt from Tales of An Old Lama
39. Larson, F.A. (1930) “The Lamas of Mongolia”
40. Ossendowski, F. (1922) Excerpts from Beasts, Men and Gods
41. Isono, F. (1979) “Soviet Russia and the Mongolian Revolution of 1921”
42. Futaki, H. (2000) “A Re-examination of the Establishment of the Mongolian People’s Party, Centering on Dogsom’s Memoir”
43. Rupen, R.A. (1956) “The Buriat Intelligentsia”
44. Diluv Khutagt. (1982) Excerpts from The Autobiography
of the Diluv Khutagt
45. Baabar. (1999) “The Great Purge”
46. Badamhatan, S. (1981) Excerpt from The Way of Life of Co-operative Herders
47. Boldbaatar, J. (1999) “The Eight-hundredth Anniversary of Chinggis Khan: The Revival and Suppression of Mongolian National Consciousness”
48. Baabar. (1990) “Büü Mart!”
49. Kaplonski, C. (2004) “Democracy comes to Mongolia”
50. Humphrey, C. (1993) “Avagi Khad: Theft and Social Trust in Post-Communist Mongolia”
51. Sneath, D. (2002) “Producer Groups and the Decollectivisation of the Mongolian Pastoral Economy”


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